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7 Youtube Hacks That Will Boost Your Youtube Engagement rate


Video marketing has gained a lot of popularity these days due to its ability to engage customers better than other marketing channels. Youtube is another search engine after Google where any user can upload videos and buy Youtube subscribers and increase engagement on Youtube.

Because of this increase in the use of video marketing, there is a high rivalry throughout customers’ time and attention. Thousands of videos are posted every day and each of them goes after some consideration from customers. But, do all videos get the desired amount of views? Do all videos get the engagement they should?

The answer is no. Visit YouTube today and you will discover that many recordings are uploaded on Youtube that neither get any views or comments.

There are still ample marketers who haven’t figured out as to how they can increase engagement on their Youtube channel. Here are seven simple ways you can implement to increase viewership and engagement on Youtube:

1.Small videos get more views:

Does video length decide what amount of engagement it gets? To answer this question, think about the first thing you do whenever you search on YouTube. Undoubtedly you check for a video’s length and choose a video which is shorter in length.  

In a latest analysis of video performance it showed that videos between 16 to 120 seconds generate 50 per cent of the YouTube views. In this time of limited attention, it is very difficult to grab the attention of the potential audience. However, the analysis also showed that it is much easier to convince viewers with shorter videos as compared to longer ones. 

Utilize this method to direct the size of your YouTube videos. Whenever you are making a YouTube video next time restrict it to upto max two minutes. This will increase the chance of your audience viewing your video. Which will ultimately help you buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube.

2.Use Basic SEO Marketing Rules on Youtube:

The primary thing that new marketers learn on their journey is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the proficiency to build a sound amount of traffic on the website through organic search. For example YouTube SEO makes your videos easy to locate on YouTube search, and the higher they show up on the search bar the more views they get. 

However, the use of SEO changes from one marketing platform to another, but the basics remains the same for all the platforms.  Their strategies change and different marketing channels have different things to cater to. 

Here are three SEO techniques you can use to build your video’s engagement:

Optimizing keywords: Prior to posting any video, give some time in searching for the right keywords that give you higher ranking on the search engine. Make sure the keywords you are focusing on are getting a good search volume prior to putting them in the title of your video. 

Expand video description by a few words: Since YouTube can’t tune in to your videos, it inclines towards the content around your video to decide how it ought to be positioned. Use long-tail keywords in video descriptions to build your odds of positioning higher and getting more views for your videos. 

Promote as much as you can: Due to cut-throat competition on YouTube, you need to effectively advance your videos for them to garner good viewership and engagement. Using other marketing tools like email, Facebook and Twitter to share your videos will go far in expanding your reach and you will be able to gain active and real Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube. 

YouTube has over a billion users, and if you don’t happen to use these and other normal SEO standards, your channel’s engagement will consistently stay low.

3.Encourage viewers to persistently like, comment and share your videos:

Engagement is a two-way process that involves both viewer and Youtuber. Given that video likes, shares and comments are some of the criterias used to measure commitment, you need to take the necessary steps to drive your watchers to make these moves. 

Since most YouTube watchers will rush off to another video subsequent to completing yours, it’s no big surprise that most videos have an exceptionally low number of views and shares as compared to their competitors. The quantity of comments is much more modest since replying to comments is not an easy task to perform, and not everyone is capable of doing so. 

Taking into account these facts, you need to urge your watchers to like, comment and share your videos. Most YouTubers just devote the first and most recent couple of seconds of their videos to requesting that their viewers must like, comment and share their video content with their acquaintances. Persistently urging your viewers to do this practice will help you buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube. 

4.Respond to your viewers behaviour:

Your viewers esteem being perceived and appreciated for their activities. 

Keep in mind that whenever a YouTube user sees, shares your videos, comments or subscribes to your channel, they are putting effort that they didn’t need to. Make it a habit to reward these attempts. Possibly not every one of them, but definitely the ones who go out of their way to engage in your video content and share them with their acquaintances. 

If our audience happens to tweet your video, show appreciation by retweeting them and expressing gratitude towards them. If the user drops an enquiry in the comment box, answer it as quickly as possible. If they are disappointed with the video or leave ideas for development, appreciate them by expressing gratitudes toward them in another reply. Also, consistently guarantee that you react in a way that supports discussion as opposed to denying it. This will make your audience feel esteemed and happy and you will be able to buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube. 

Since your viewers won’t be sticking around the entire day, make a move in the most precise time and try not to lose them or their advantage in drawing in with you.

5.Persistently post quality content:

Your channel won’t benefit you in any way if there is no content for the viewer to draw their attention to.  In order to keep your audience engaged you need to post quality content regularly to garner good viewership. 

Somewhat like in other social media platforms, (for example Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) being silent on youtube channel will make you lose your audience 

If you want to turn into a famous YouTuber, don’t stop at posting every now and then. You can create a schedule to make your YouTube video more consistent. That way, your fans will consistently be anticipating your next upload so that they can see your new video. Adhering to this method, you will be able to buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube. 

6.Use CTA and Annotations to analyse viewer behavior:

While urging your audience to view and share your content will build engagement, it’s not enough to avail the luxury of YouTube marketing

Annotations/Comments and Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are another compelling method of getting your viewers to draw in with your videos and your channel all in all. 

Comments are little boxes that pop up on the screen while a video is playing. You can use comments for almost anything. You can begin by guiding viewers towards different videos from your channel subsequently expanding viewer engagement across your channel. Likewise, you can request them to subscribe to your channel which will ultimately make you buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube. 

7.Utilize YouTube analytics to to boost your marketing strategy:

YouTube gives a ton of helpful information about the performance of your video and channel. 

The information is all in-house, which means you need not have to bother yourself with any other outside software to analyse your viewer. Given the amount of time, creativity, effort and money that you have put in the creation of your video they deserve the best result in terms of viewership, likes, comments, shares and subscribers.  

You need to know what’s the best and what’s not for your audience and channel. With this you will be able to buy Youtube subscribers, and increase engagement on Youtube.