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7 Behaviors Men Show When They Find Their True Love


Men and women have their own unique ways of manifesting their love and affection. But, according to those universal male stereotypes about how “all men are the same,” men can be often misunderstood.

It’s a fact that women and men think in a different way. While men are often referred to as indifferent to their emotions, women, as governed by Venus, are known to be the exact opposite.

However, when a man is deeply infatuated with a woman, he’ll never hesitate to show his intense and profound feelings for her. Ladies, don’t worry, whenever this happens I assure you, you’ll feel it in your guts.

These are 7 behaviors men show when they’ve found their true love:

1. He doesn’t hesitate to show his vulnerable side

In today’s society vulnerability is considered to be a person’s weakness. However, as one of the rarest traits these days, vulnerability is one of the most courageous characteristics of a person. It signifies exposing one’s heart to the risk of disappointment… and at the same time to the joy of profound intimacy and ultimate love.

It’s a fact that when it comes to feelings, men usually tend to suppress them. But when a man is deeply in love with a woman, his emotions and hidden feelings will find their way to make it to the surface.

2. He listens to you carefully

Mutual respect and communication are a concrete foundation for the relationship. For us to function in a healthy care-free environment with our loved ones, it is essential to converse our everyday issues.

Another sign that a man that is madly in loves shows when he’s indeed madly in love is respecting your thoughts and carefully listening to you whenever you need to confide in him.

Even if he doesn’t hold your desired answer to the question, sometimes only listening can do so much for a person. No matter what, he’ll listen to you because he loves you.

3. He treats your family and friends with respect

A real man knows the importance of respecting and cherishing the people that mean to you. A person that is close to you is by default important for them.

When a man is truly and deeply in love with you, he’ll do anything in his power to show you he cares about your dear ones, as well as show them how happy he is to finally meet the people you love and care about.

Whenever a man shows that kind of significant initiative, you can rest assured that you’re his heart’s biggest desire.

4. He makes sacrifices

Making sacrifices means putting our own body, mind or soul at the possible risk of harm in order to protect the ones we love.  A person who loves you will never be afraid to ‘throw themselves under the bus’ if there’s even a small chance of saving you.

Men being men, they’ll feel a huge pain at the thought of something making his woman miserable. One of the positive signs that he’s ‘head over heels’ about you is making sacrifices for your happiness. Even if this sometimes means stepping out of his comfort zone, he’ll always make sure to put you first.

5. He is proud of you

When a man is smitten by you, they know it with every fiber of their being and love you for the person you are. He knows your strengths and encourages your flaws.

A real man will believe in your ability to accomplish your goals and will always remain your number one fan. He will never let a day go by without telling you how awesome you are. And he’ll never be afraid to show everyone how proud he is of you.

6. He fights with you

Sometimes along the path, we’ll come across some obstacles that might affect our relationship. In that moment, as humans, we tend to come off as a bit over-protective. But this is not to be understood as an insulting or drama-inducing moment. When we deeply care about someone, we feel like we would give our life for them within a blink of an eye.

When a man is in love with you and had emotionally invested himself in the relationship, he’ll do anything to prevent losing you, even if that sometimes means initiating a small fight. No matter how painful a fight can sometimes be, it’s a fact we only fight with people we care about.

Why? Deep inside, we’re afraid to lose them.

7. …But he fights FOR you

When a man truly loves your soul and heart, he’s prepared to turn the world upside down just to protect you.  He’ll do everything in his power to protect his loved one at all costs, even if that involves him risking his life for you. He’ll stand by you, and stick up for you to anyone who threatens your well-being, regardless if it’s physical or emotional.

A man who is deeply in love with you will fight for you and will fight to keep you. Make sure to tell him how much you love him.


Source: Power Of Positivity