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8 Behaviors A Man Shows When He’s No Longer Into You


We all have experienced that blissful, all-consuming, warm, sublime feeling at the beginning of a relationship. The magic of the honeymoon phase. The butterflies in the stomach. The heart palpitations. The intense feelings of attraction and ecstasy. The passionate love.

Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful than being in the honeymoon phase.

Sadly, this phase doesn’t last forever. After certain period of time, the infatuation and intense passionate feelings fade away and genuine, deep love takes over.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some couples don’t make it to the next level. They break up after the honeymoon stage ends.

Luckily, there’re certain behaviors a person displays when they lose interest in a relationship.

So, here are 8 ways a man behaves when he’s no longer into you:

1. He cancels your plans to spend time with his friends.

During the first few months of the relationship, he hung out with you almost every day. He enjoyed doing everything together with you and he was always willing to rearrange his schedule so that he could spend time with you.

But, this is no longer the case. All of a sudden, he is too busy. He doesn’t bother to rearrange his schedule to go out to dinner or to the movies with you. Moreover, he cancels your plans so that he can spend time with his buddies.

2. You don’t feel the passion in his kisses anymore.

He used to make you go weak at the knees and he used to make your heart beat like crazy when he kissed you because his kisses were passionate.

But, now things have changed. His kisses have changed. They’re no longer warm and ardent the way they used to be.

3. He keeps you waiting for him for ages to respond to your texts.

He used to answer your calls and respond to your messages right away. But, lately, he’s been ignoring your calls. He doesn’t bother to return your call or text you back even if he has 6 missed calls from you.

When a man starts ignoring your calls and messages, this indicates a change in his list of priorities. And chances are that you are no longer on the top of it.

4. He no longer plans your dates.

There was a time when he enjoyed planning your holidays and date nights. All you needed to do was try to guess what surprises and exciting ideas he had in store.

But, now that is over. Now, you’re the one who is planning your dates. And I hate to break it to you, but if he’s lost interest in planning your date nights, organizing your trips, and etc. chances are that he’s lost interest in you as well.

5. He flirts with other women in front of you.

If you can often catch him looking at or openly flirting with other women, even in your presence, this may be a red flag that he doesn’t value your relationship anymore.

And if he no longer values your relationship, chances are that he doesn’t care about you, nor does he care about the way his disrespectful behavior makes you feel.

6. He avoids talking about your relationship.

Every time you bring up some problem you two are dealing with in the relationship, he instantly changes the topic. He even dodges questions about your future.

If he doesn’t appear to want to define your love status, then this may be a strong warning that not only has he lost interest in you, he also has no intention of committing to you.

7. He’s become moody.

We all have our good and bad days, but when your beloved is constantly feeling grumpy and he rarely apologizes to you for his behavior, this may be a sign that he’s dissatisfied with your relationship.

When small, unimportant things annoy him or make him quickly lose his temper, this might indicate that your relationship is more like a source of distress and dissatisfaction than a source of contentment and joy to him.

8. He stops caring about his appearance.

During the first few months of your relationship, he always made sure that he looked good around you.

But now that he might have lost interest in you, he lets his hygiene around you slip. He no longer bothers to impress you with his hairstyle or his clothes the way he used to. He feels comfortable wearing scruffy clothes and looking like a mess around you.

This level of comfort might be a sign that he doesn’t feel like you’re important enough for him anymore to look good in your presence.

8 Behaviors A Man Shows When He’s No Longer Into You