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8 Characteristics That Make A Narcissistic Sociopath So Dangerous


I believe you already know how difficult and negative narcissists are, let alone sociopaths. Now, can you imagine how someone who is a combination of the two would behave? Well, I assure you they’re the most dangerous ones.

During the course of life, we get to meet different types of negative people. Some are liars and cheaters. Others are traitors and manipulators. Yet, there’s this third type that’s the worst of all – the narcissistic sociopath.

These sneaky chameleons have the ability to hide their true colors. They can put on the charming, kind face so as to get what they want from you and manipulate you. They can make you doubt your own logic and sanity. If you allow yourself to play their devious mind games, you’ll end up feeling confused and lost.

So, if you notice that someone possesses the following 8 characteristics, make sure you stay away from them and save yourself from their toxic grip.

Here they are:

1. They’re only interested in deriving benefit from any situation.

A narcissistic sociopath will never treat someone nicely and with respect unless that person suits their interests. They can be kind towards you and even do you a favor, but don’t let this fool you. They aren’t good people, they’re just pretending to be.

If they notice they can gain something from you, be that power, money, or information, they’ll be the kindest and loveliest people. They have a myriad of masks, each and every suitable for a particular purpose.

2. They have an insatiable desire to have a lot of power.

Possessing power is as important as breathing is for them. They’ll do whatever it takes to gain power, even if that means stripping you of your own. They need power so as to control others. Being in control is what they want the most because it enables them to easily take advantage of other people.

3. They carefully pick people to fuel their sense of inflated self-worth.

They have a sixth sense that enables them to choose people that feed their ego. If they notice you’re weak, shy, passive, unconfident, and that you don’t stand up for yourself, they’ll use you to reinforce their sense of grandiose self. They’ll use you to show that they’re smarter, better, and more important than you.

4. They know how to manage your impression of them.

Narcissistic sociopaths are the best at hiding their true face. They know that if they make you like them, it’ll be easier for them to get what they want from you. So, they’ll be  pleasant, kind, generous, and friendly. The best people you’ve ever net.

Yet, as soon as they get what they want from you, they’ll drop their masks and reveal their true colors. They’ll leave you wondering where that charming person disappeared.

5. They have a constant need to be admired and glorified.

They want to be in the center of attention and believe that everyone should look at and treat them with admiration. Although they think they’re the smartest and strongest people in the world, they still need others to feed their ego by praising and complimenting them.

6. The concept of empathy is foreign to them.

The only person they care about is themselves. They don’t care about other people’s feelings and problems. If you’re going through tough times or pain, they’ll have no compassion for you. And if they show an interest in you, that’s because you have something they want to get.

7. They look down on others.

They believe they’re better and more important than the rest. They feel intellectually, financially, and socially superior to other people. As a result they look down on others and see them as their inferiors. This is one more way in which they feed their ego.

8. They think they’re invincible.

Narcissistic sociopaths don’t see themselves as normal people do. They perceive themselves as god-like. They think that no rule applies to them and that’s why they have no respect for neither moral nor social rules. As a result, they feel free to do whatever they want.