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8 Clear Signs That You Were Destined To End Up With Your First Love


It’s not easy to forget the person that won your love first. It’s hard to forget the person who entered your heart first, and if you are truly honest with yourself, most likely is still in it.

Irrespective of whether or not you and he/she ended your relationship kindly, calmly, and respectfully, your first love is most probably someone you think about or maybe even dream of till this day.

I know that admitting such a thing to yourself is not easy, but if you’re still thinking about your first love and wondering if you two are done with your love forever, here are 8 telltale signs that you were destined to end up with them:

1. They occupy your mind when you are with your current partner.

If you’re in a relationship with someone, but still thinking about your first love and reviving memories of the time you spent together, this signals that you still haven’t liberated yourself from your past.

Dwelling on your past is easy when you aren’t satisfied with your present life, yet, if your past is still haunting you even when you’re satisfied with the present, chances are that you are not done with your past yet.

2. You still feel something about them.

Does your heart still beat like crazy when you think about them? Do you often find yourself longing for their touch? Do you feel ready to get back together with them every time you bump into them in the street by chance?

Well, if you answered all of the questions with a yes, then know that things aren’t over for you yet. And what you should do next is try to find out if your first love still feels about you the way you feel about them.

3. You can still have open communication with each other.

If you still feel free to talk with each other openly about anything, then this is a sure sign that you still feel comfortable in each other’s presence. This is very important if you’re thinking about getting back together with them.

By freely and honestly communicating with each other, you can easily overcome all the problems you failed to solve the first time.

4. The connection between you has not disappeared.

Perhaps it’s been years since you broke up and both of you have headed in different directions, but the connection between you hasn’t lost its strength yet. If you can tell that you still respect and care about each other, then this really proves that there are some bonds that neither time nor distance can break.

5. You’ve stayed in touch after you broke up.

People that are destined to be in your life will always find a way to stay there. So, if you and the person who entered your heart first are still communicating or hanging out with each other like two close friends, well, that’s a telltale sign that you were destined to end up together.

6. Being in their presence feels natural.

You feel as comfortable and at ease in their company as you felt when you dated. You still look at each other’s eyes with warmth and affection. You still give each other compliments and tell each other jokes and laugh until your stomach hurts. You feel nice and lively when you’re together. You feel like nothing has changed.

7. Your intuition tells you that you were meant for each other.

If you always believe what your gut feeling tells you and let your intuition guide you through life, then you can say goodbye to all your doubts about whether you were destined to be together with your first love. Your intuition has the answer.

8. You have always known that your love story was never finished.

If you and your first love ended your relationship since it was not the right place or time, then chances are that you feel like your thing is not over yet. Well, if this is how you feel, you are left with two options:

a) Get back together

b) End what you started for good.

What’s going to be your choice?

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8 Clear Signs That You Were Destined To End Up With Your First Love