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8 Clear Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming

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I know you feel like you almost lost all hopes after those devastating breakups and painful heartbreaks. You promised yourself to never ever get hurt again. You’ve guarded your heart and soul for so long, only because of the daunting thought of having your heart crushed into pieces.

But finding the right person after so long period of disappointment is definitely worth every heartbreak. Because if it was any different, you might have never had the chance to meet them. If it weren’t for those previous devastating experiences, you might not be exactly where you are now.

So, trust me, there’s a perfect soul mate for everyone out there. It just takes the right time and place to walk into our lives. It most probably will happen when you least expect it. (1)

In most cases, whenever this life-changing moment is about to occur you feel something weird, yet beautiful inside your soul. Your intuition raises stronger and sends you hints that you’re about to experience something you didn’t even imagine.  So, you go on and follow that feeling.

These are 8 clear signs from the universe that love is coming:

1. You have romantic dreams

Before this cosmic love occurs in your life, you will sense its power in your dreams. An enchanting sensation will take over your dreams and will send you a message that something wonderful is about to happen. You might not remember the vivid details, but the inexplicable feeling will be there to stay. And when you do finally meet them, you’ll feel as if you knew them from a previous life.

2. You begin to see clearly on your purpose in life

You have a clear vision of where you stand and what you want in life. Once you indulge in your passion and share it with the world, your soul will flourish and your vibration will be on the right frequency to finally attract your soul mate.

3. Everywhere you go, love is all around you

“Love is in the air, everywhere you look around”… You see and feel the love everywhere around you. You are constantly surrounded by pretty little reminders that romance is still alive and this is a serious sign that your vibration is “in tune” with love.

You spot couples showing their sweet affection for each other, you notice the romantic signs on the billboards, you overhear conversations about finding the true love. And you wonder, is this just another coincidence or a SIGN?

4. You feel the need to work on yourself and improve

You’ll be ready to receive the love of your life once you spend some serious time and energy on your mental and physical growth. Only by accepting yourself and achieving wholeness, you’ll be able to attract the person who’ll enter your life not to make you complete but to share their wholeness with your own.

5. You open up to new opportunities

As a result of you feeling ready for every opportunity that knocks on your door, you open yourself to meeting new people and experience endless adventures. Leaving your comfort zone and socializing will definitely give you a more successful chance at meeting your destined person.

And maybe that’s the same purpose behind your need to expand your horizons. Maybe your subconscious mind is trying to untie you, free you from your comfort zone and help you find true love.

6. Your energy levels rise to the top

Do you feel like you have more energy than ever? If the answer is positive, consider that it’s your body’s way of showing you that you’re about to meet the love of your life.

You feel your soul mate is close to you by the signs your energy gives off. You wake up and feel a higher energy than usual. These are all signs that your true love is somewhere around the corner.

7. You’re not waiting for anyone to fix, nor you try to fix anyone

You have your life sorted out and you are not planning on waiting for the person who’ll be your savior and will fix you whenever life gets tough. You’ve taken care of yourself and you’ve learned that you can’t count on someone else to complete you. You are already a whole.

8. Your previous love life seems like a lesson

You’ve loved, and lost and your soul ached. You learned the lesson from your past experiences and you’ve grown so much since then. Things became clearer to you and you no longer regret the mistakes that once happened, but instead, you’re happy they helped you become the person you are today.

You know that you’ll never make the same mistakes again because now you understand the right things to do when you enter a new relationship. This shows you’ve healed from every heartache and you finally have the courage to fall in love again.