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13 Commonly Overlooked Twin Flame Signs You Have Finally Meet Yours

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Once upon a time, a single soul was split and found its place in two bodies. The Universe sent a voice of an angel: “I’m sending thee on this spiritual journey. It’s written in the stars, I give you a single piece of a mesmerizing soul; you search for the other. When the missing half will find its place, the two of you shall be a whole.”

This is where my imagination goes when I think about the long-awaited meeting of two souls. Yours and the one of your twin flame. Not a soulmate. Yes, twin flame. An unexpected, unexplained deep soul connection. An overwhelming, passionate creation of a magical union. Much more powerful than the one with a soulmate.

A soulmate can be a friend, family, or teacher and their time in our life is limited. They prepare us to find our twin flame… A twin flame: their time in our life is eternal, and we get only one. (1)

What Is A Twin Flame?

Twin flames are two individuals that have a strong and profound soul connection. They are karmic soulmates. They are like one soul split into two bodies. 

Your twin flame is your mirror soul. They’re someone who shares similar strengths, weaknesses, pain, experiences, and life paths with you. They’re someone who supports your spiritual development and inspires you to look deep into your soul and see your deepest fears and insecurities. But they also show you the way to overcome them. You, too, will inspire your twin flame to explore the deepest corners of their soul.

A twin flame relationship is unique in its own way. When you meet your twin flame, you instantly feel connected with them on a deep mental, emotional, and spiritual level. You feel that your life will take a different direction, and you will experience things you’ve never experienced before.

A twin flame connection is deep and intense. It’s something that develops the very moment you meet your true twin flame. It’s something you can’t recognize on a conscious level, but you know that something genuine, magical, and special has happened.

A twin flame connection is healing. It can inspire you to reflect on your weaknesses and imperfections and heal old emotional wounds. It can inspire you to want to become the best version of yourself. 

However, a twin flame connection can also be challenging because you won’t always be ready to face your innermost insecurities and fears and heal your wounds. You won’t always be ready to see your twin flame struggle with their own insecurities and fears too.

A twin flame connection is indeed one that you can only experience once in a lifetime. So, the question is: How do you know you’ve found your twin flame?

There are several signs that could indicate a twin flame love, and we’ve presented them below.

13 Twin Flame Signs

1. You Share Many Similarities

When you’re in a twin flame relationship, you may feel like your partner’s life experiences mirror yours. For instance, if you experienced trauma when you were a child, your partner may have experienced the same or similar trauma as well.

However, your twin flame isn’t a precise mirror image of you. They just help you see your deepest insecurities and fears and show you the way how to let go of them.

2. You Feel Awakened

Your twin flame awakes all your senses. They open your eyes, heart, and soul. They show you a totally different perspective. Your twin flame encourages you to step towards the unexplored and new. They accept and support your new way of thinking.

They inspire you and push you forwards on the spiritual path of your life. As a result, you feel that your mental, emotional and spiritual growth is at its highest level.

3. You Have The Overwhelming Feeling That You Are Meeting Yourself

When you’re in a twin flame relationship, you feel like you have known your partner forever. Everything about them looks familiar. You may even think that you can feel their energy and emotions. You feel like some special, divine power has brought this person into your life. You may even think that the two of you were predestined to be together.

4. They Inspire You To Want To Be Better

In addition to showing you your insecurities and fears, your twin flame encourages you to ask why you have them. For instance, if you’re not that good at communication or have difficulty expressing your emotions or achieving closeness in your relationships, your twin flame encourages you to ask yourself why you have such issues and helps you overcome them.

5. You Are Magnetically Pulled By Their Mysterious Energy

You feel that fiery spark shaking your whole soul like an earthquake. To the very deep bottom. Your twin flame’s energy perfectly blends with yours.

Your energies share the same frequency. Your souls are on the same mission the Universe gave you to follow.

6. You Feel Safe

You feel a perfect mix of stability, security, peace, and trust. You know from the start that they will never break your heart. You feel it. You trust them. And when you trust a person, a sense of calmness overwhelms all your body and soul.

Your twin flame makes you breathe easily and fall into their arms, not thinking about any worries. They create a feeling of warmth.

7. Your Life Changes Fast

A true twin flame relationship can make you make changes to your life you never thought you’d ever make. For example, you might suddenly find yourself pursuing a different career or moving to another country.

8. You Act In The Interest Of Yourself And Your Twin Flame

When you’re in a genuine twin flame relationship, you don’t act only in your interest. Instead, you act in a way that can benefit your partner on many levels. And vice versa, your twin flame acts in the interest of both of you. This means that you make choices and decisions that you know will benefit both of you and won’t harm either of you. You also make sure you do things that will contribute to your and your partner’s personal growth.

9. You Are A Free Spirit

All your masks and past chains fall off. When you are with them, you are you, with all your strengths, flaws, mistakes, and true human emotions. You are more connected to yourself. Twin flames make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Your spirit is lost in the beauty of freedom. You feel loved and want to show the whole world the true version of your soul.

10. You Both Are Same, Yet Different

You are like salt and pepper, day and night, moon and sun, black and white. You’re totally different in all your unity. You’re one soul in all its imperfect perfections. The one-piece is more mature and peaceful; the other – rebellious and wild.

And it’s all about balance. Your yin balances with their yang; their yang balances with your yin. Yes, you’re that extreme. You fill each other’s gaps to function as a whole.

11. You Communicate In A Way Only Souls Know About

Silence. Without any word. One stare. One-touch. Your twin flame feels the way you feel; they understand what you think even though you say nothing. They can empathize with you as nobody can.

This is the highest level of communication between two human beings. A majestic piece of art. The spiritual one.

12. You Always Come Back To Each Other

No matter what happens. No matter how far you go from one another. In a perfect moment written in the stars, everything changes. Your paths cross again. Because your souls are one. Because it’s meant to be.

Because all the Universe wants for these two halves is to find their home in perfect unity. And you can’t escape something more powerful than you.

13. You Feel Like A Whole

You have a feeling like you’ve known this person forever. You don’t know why. You feel you belong to them, and they belong to you.

You no longer miss a part of your soul. You have completed the puzzle. They’re your destiny. No doubt.

In what follows, we’ve presented 10 signs that indicate you’re in a false twin flame relationship.

10 False Twin Flame Signs

1. They’re Not There For You When You Need Them The Most

Your true twin flame will stick around in your good days and your bad days. They’ll make sure you know you can always rely on them.

It’s a completely different story when you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame. Your false twin flame lets you deal with your problems and pain on your own. They’re never there when you need to vent your feelings or frustration or just share how awful your day was with someone. They may even trigger past trauma and don’t help you heal.

2. They Avoid Committing To You

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is constantly looking for excuses to avoid committing to you, this is a telltale sign they’re not your true twin flame. For false twin flames, the time to commit is never right, and they are never ready to be in a committed, serious relationship.

Your true twin flame will be willing to commit to you right away because they’ll know you’re the person they’ve been waiting for all their life.

3. They Love You Conditionally

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is only generous, caring, and loving when they need to get something from you or when you meet their expectations, this is a clear sign they’re a false twin flame. Your false twin flame never stays by your side in your bad times, and they don’t accept your flaws, mistakes, or failures.

Your true twin flame will love you unconditionally, be caring and compassionate, and accept you for who you are, with all your weaknesses, imperfections, and failures.

4. They Leave You Feeling Uneasy And Anxious

A true twin flame will make you feel comfortable around them. You’ll feel good and relaxed in their company. On the other hand, when you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame, there is always something about them that makes you feel uncomfortable and anxious. Something that doesn’t let you be who you really are around them. If this is the way you feel around your partner, take this as a sign that they’re not your true twin flame.

5. They Refuse To Open Up To You

Your true twin flame won’t be ashamed or afraid to express their feelings openly, show you their deepest insecurities and fears, and be vulnerable around you. This is because they feel comfortable around you and know they can fully trust you and rely on you.

Your false twin flame is emotionally unavailable. They constantly keep their walls up and avoid expressing how they feel and having deep, meaningful conversations with you.

6. They Avoid Solving Relationship Problems

Every couple faces problems in their relationship. Couples in healthy and meaningful relationships do their best to overcome their problems together. They try to turn their relationship problems into valuable lessons that they can learn a lot from and that can make their relationship even deeper and more meaningful.

But your false twin flame constantly avoids solving your relationship problems. They either wait for you to do that for them or sweep your problems under the carpet. Ignoring your problems can only make them escalate and create a void in your relationship.

7. They Have A Competitive Spirit

A true twin flame will be supportive and encourage you to pursue your goals and fulfill your wildest dreams. But when you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame, you feel like you’re constantly competing against someone. They have no problem seeing you succeed, but they’re never there to motivate you to set and pursue high goals or show you how happy they are when you achieve a goal. They simply feel threatened by your success. If you’re in a relationship with someone like this, take this as a sign they’re not your true twin flame.

8. They Put You Down

If the person you’re in a relationship with often makes sarcastic or negative comments about your appearance, skills, achievements, career, or you name it, to your face or in front of your family or friends, you can be sure they’re not your true twin flame.

It’s normal for partners to give each other constructive criticism so that they can become and do better, but if your partner criticizes you in a way that hurts your feelings and makes you feel frustrated and belittled, then that criticism isn’t constructive anymore. It’s hostile and unjustifiable.

Your true twin flame would never allow themselves to hurt you and undermine your self-esteem by putting you down. Even when they disagree with you over something, they’ll make sure they say that in a civilized, polite, and loving way.

9. They Leave At The First Sign Of Trouble

Every couple goes through ups and downs in their relationship. However, when your partner is someone who truly loves and cares about you, they stick around to weather the storm. They’re willing to do their best to remove any obstacle standing between you and handle whatever life throws your way.

But this is not how your false twin flame behaves. Whether it’s a health, financial, or family problem, or you name it, as soon as something goes wrong in your relationship, they leave without trying to deal with it. When you’re in a relationship with someone who displays such immature, irresponsible, and disrespectful behavior, you can take this as a sign that your relationship is bound to fail.

1o. There’s No Clarity Surrounding Your Relationship

In a true twin flame relationship, you always know where you stand with your partner. You know how they feel about you and where your relationship is headed. On the other hand, you feel stuck with your false twin flame. Nothing feels like is in place. You might even start wondering how you ended up in a relationship with this person.