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8 Definite Signs Your Boyfriend Is Deeply In Love With You, Even If He Doesn’t Say The Words


There is nothing more powerful and magical than when you hear those three profound words “I love you” from the person you love from the bottom of your heart. There’s nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than when the person you’re in love with is not afraid to be vocal about their feelings.

But, considering that in these modern times, the most genuine and purest “I love you” has lost its real meaning, I must say that what is important at the end is the thing which is done, not said aloud. Because the truth is that a person’s actions can show you so much more than their words.

Therefore, if you’re already in a relationship and you’re doubting your boyfriend’s feelings for you because he’s not very vocal about them, following are 8 things he does that show he’s deeply in love with you and you should never doubt his feelings:

1. He accepts and cherishes you for who you are.

He embraces and loves you just the way you are. He knows all your insecurities, fears, and problems, but he never criticizes you for them or makes you feel weak. He’s seen you at your worst, but he’s never called you, “overly sensitive,” “paranoid,” “drama queen,” or “clingy.”

This man knows that your weaknesses and imperfections don’t define who you are. He knows they don’t reduce your worth and both your outward and inward beauty. Therefore, he cherishes you exactly the way you are.

2. He listens to you attentively.

When you talk to him, he listens to you patiently. He shows interest in your opinions and ideas and he respects them no matter how different they are from his own. Most importantly, he doesn’t listen to you with the intention of replying to you or interfering with your decisions. Rather, he listens to you with the intention of understanding what you have to say.

3. He’s not afraid to show his vulnerable sides.

When you’re honestly and deeply in love with someone, showing them your vulnerability comes naturally to you. You don’t feel ashamed or afraid to let your guard down. You don’t feel ashamed to cry when you watch a movie together with them. Instead, you feel free and comfortable showing your real emotions in any situation in their presence. And this is exactly how he behaves around you.

4. He’s willing to make sacrifices for you.

When you genuinely love someone, making sacrifices for them shouldn’t be difficult for you. And this is exactly what your partner does. He’s not hesitant or afraid to sacrifice his own needs, priorities, and desires for your happiness.

5. He thinks you’re pretty even on your “worst days.”

He finds you attractive even when you’re not wearing any makeup, or when you’re having a bad hair day, or when your eyes are puffy from sleeping. He thinks you’re gorgeous even when you don’t feel like you are because he loves you for more than your looks and body.

6. He stands up for you.

He’s always ready to defend you. You’re someone who means the world to him and therefore he stands up for you every time someone is trying to judge you, criticize you, or make fun of you in his presence. He hates seeing you upset, sad, and hurt. Therefore, he does everything in his power to prevent this from happening.

He’s not afraid to oppose anyone who threatens to destroy your happiness and sense of peace. The only thing he’s afraid of is you being unhappy.

7. He’s immensely proud of you.

He knows what an amazing, special person he has by his side. He’s aware of your qualities and strength. He’s aware of your worth and he makes sure everyone knows how lucky he is for having you in his life.

He admires you for your pure soul, your sweet, compassionate nature, your individuality, your uniqueness. He enjoys talking about you to his friends and family and telling everyone in his life how privileged he feels for being loved by someone like you.

8. Last but not least, he treats your loved ones with respect.

He may not agree or get along with every friend or family member of yours, but he makes sure he treats all those who are close to you with respect and dignity. He never allows himself to criticize or belittle a loved one of yours when he disagrees with them on something.

Instead, he always behaves like a mature, kind, responsible person and avoids creating any unnecessary drama and tension. And he doesn’t behave like this because he feels obliged, but because he knows how important your family and friends are to you.

8 Definite Signs Your Boyfriend Is Deeply In Love With You, Even If He Doesn’t Say The Words