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8 Definite Signs Your Relationship Is Built To Last


While it’s true that every couple is different, i.e. they experience different changes, problems, and trials in their relationships, it’s also true that all healthy, strong, happy, and long-lasting relationships share the same characteristics.

The thing is that regardless of how long you and your partner have been together and regardless of how many challenges, temptations, and problems you have overcome in your relationship, you will continue to be uncertain about the future of your relationship. And this feeling of uncertainty will increase even more whenever you see other couples get engaged or married and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.  

So, how do you know that your relationship is built to last?

Well, if the following 8 things sound familiar to you, you can take this as a sure sign that you and your partner have what it takes to stay together for good.

Here they are:

1. You can openly communicate with each other.

Do you feel comfortable to talk to your bae about anything without fearing that they might judge you, criticize you, or look down on you? Well, if so, i.e. if you feel free talking to your significant other about your doubts, worries, and problems, and if they patiently listen to your problems and show that your opinions and ideas matter to them, then you can consider this as a sign that you’ve finally found your forever person.

Feeling free to talk about anything, especially about problems you have in your relationship, will help you find ways to overcome any issue that appears in your relationship.

2. You aren’t only lovers, but best friends too.

Undeniably, passion, physical intimacy, and excitement are important, but every healthy, deep, happy, and committed relationship requires both partners to see and treat each other as true friends. Why?

Because a real, loyal friend is always there for you when you need them. They stick with you through thick and thin. They accept you for who you are. They love you selflessly, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally.

3. They make your life easier and better.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re around them? Does your partner make you feel content, peaceful, and fulfilled when you’re in their presence? Do you feel safe and protected because you have your bae in your life?

Have you noticed that you don’t feel hesitant or afraid to face life’s challenges and overcome whatever problem or pain life may throw your way since your partner entered your life? Well, if you answered all of the questions with a yes, you can take this as a sign that you’ve found ‘The One.’

4. You agree with each other on the important things.

Of course, that you and your significant other will have different opinions, ideas, and perspective on life in general and therefore often disagree with each other. But, when it comes to the important things in a relationship, such as faithfulness and trust, it’s essential that both of you share the same values and principles.

For instance, if your bae likes to “explore other options” outside of your relationship, and you’re someone who values sexual fidelity, then your relationship won’t ever work.

5. You have your own life.

What I mean by “your own life” is not that you and your partner keep secrets from each other or that you spend a considerable amount of time separately. Rather, having your own life means that both of you feel free to pursue your goals and dreams, do the things that make you happy, and hang out with your friends and family.

It means that you two have different opinions, interests, likes, dislikes, and passions, but you don’t judge each other for these. Instead, you understand and respect each other’s opinions and interests and you support each other to pursue your goals and dreams. It means that you haven’t given up on the life you had before you started dating.

6. You don’t sweep problems under the carpet.

You don’t let your relationship problems accumulate by ignoring them or laying the blame at each other’s door. Instead, you feel free to complain about each other’s mistakes and bad behavior and openly discuss your relationship issues or whatever is bothering you. Most importantly, you’re willing to search for a solution to your problems together. You’re simply willing to do everything to save your relationship.

7. You can freely and openly talk about your sexual fantasies.

If you are too uncomfortable or shy to tell your partner what you want and don’t want in bed, it means that there’s something wrong with your relationship, and it’ll get even worse if you continue to feel this way.

But, if your bae makes you feel comfortable sharing your wild fantasies and erotic wishes with them, then this is a sign that you two enjoy a healthy, stable, close relationship.

8. You are willing to forgive each other.

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. Therefore, when your significant other makes a mistake or tells you something hurtful when you argue, you need to be able and willing to forgive them and move on.

Holding grudges against your partner, ignoring them, and feeling resentment will do neither you nor your significant other any good.