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8 Devious Things A Narcissist Will Do To You In A Relationship


Loving someone with every part of yourself is totally fine, in fact, it’s an amazing thing, but not if the other person is someone who only loves themselves. Yes, you guessed it – the narcissist.

These unsympathetic, selfish, conceited people are extremely difficult to handle, and being in a relationship with such a person is quite a rough ride. Their inflated self-esteem and sense of superiority are just a mask behind which they hide their real, insecure, wounded self. They’re so self-absorbed that they’re not able to treat anyone with care and affection.

If you’re not aware of their malicious nature and if they see you’re an easy target, they’ll suck the happiness and life out of you before you blink. So, if you suspect that you may be dating a narcissist, know that there are a few things you need to pay attention to so that you don’t end up being emotionally and mentally abused.

Here are 8 things a narcissist will do to you in a relationship:

1. They’ll earn your trust.

Of all the manipulation tactics a narcissist will use to gain control over you, gaining your trust will be the first one. They’ll be charming, caring, and tender so as to make you believe they’re good and deserve your trust. They’ll make you feel free and comfortable to tell them everything.

Once they have your trust, it’ll be easier for them to manipulate you and make you act in ways that suit their needs. They won’t think twice before they use your weaknesses and secrets against you, especially if they notice you want to leave them.

2. They’ll change you.

To make you act in a way that suits their own needs, a narcissist will change you, but, of course, not in a good way. They’ll do anything in their power to wreck your confidence and self-image.  They’ll manage to destroy your perception of reality and even make you doubt your own logic without you being aware of it.

You’ll get so used to being the person they want you to be that by the time you leave the relationship, you’ll be broken and lose your sense of self. You won’t even remember who you were before you got into the relationship. So, please, make sure you get out of that kind of relationship on time, before you miss all chances of saving yourself.

3. They’ll enchant you with their flattering, honeyed words.

To keep you in their life, a narcissist will shower you with loving, sweet words. They’ll often tell you “I love you” just so that they hear it back.

Yet, when this kind of person utters these words, they have quite a different meaning compared to the original one. Their “I love you” means “I want to make you fall in love with and worship me. I need to feel I’m loved and wanted.”

4. They’ll point out your flaws.

They’ll amplify all your faults, insecurities, and fears so as to make themselves feel and look superior to you. Instead of accepting and loving you for who you are, they’ll criticize you for your faults and make you feel unworthy.

Moreover, when something goes bad in the relationship, they’ll make you their perfect scapegoat. They’ll never own up to their mistakes and wrongdoings. Instead, they’ll make sure you’re the one who will always take the blame.

5. They’ll isolate you from the people you love.

A narcissist is aware that your family and friends will see their true self and intentions before you do. So, in order to prevent you from seeing their true colors, and, of course, leaving them, they’ll cut everyone out of your life and make themselves the center of your world.

They won’t bother to show consideration for your feelings. They’ll badmouth the people you hold dear and poison your mind to turn you against them. This kind of person will ensure they’re all you have.

6. They’ll trap you inside their vicious world.

They’ll trap you by making you feel inferior to them in all aspects of life. They’ll make you feel less smart, capable, and important than them. They’ll use all their manipulation skills to make you fall in love with and get so attached to them that you’ll think you can’t live without them.

Even worse, they’ll make you think you’re lucky for having them as a partner because they love and appreciate you despite all your faults and weaknesses. You’ll think no one can love you the way they do.

7. They’ll destroy you.

When they’ve transformed you into a person that perfectly fits into their vicious world and taken everything they possibly could from you, and you don’t serve their purpose any longer, a narcissist won’t think twice before they throw you away like a disposable puppet.

They’ll focus their attention on looking for a new victim, leaving you feeling wounded, used, and destroyed, and racking your brain wondering what happened.

8. Yet, they’ll give you a chance to be reborn.

If you want to rebuild yourself, you need to get out of the relationship first. Leaving the narcissist will feel like waking up from the worst nightmare.

In the beginning, you’ll probably feel lost. But, you’ll soon realize that all the terror and pain the narcissist put you through have made you grow stronger and more resilient and that by leaving all this behind you, you have the chance to be reborn.