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8 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Books Right Now


A book is an open window to the world. It gives eyes to the blind. It takes you to places never seen before. A book feeds your imagination. It leads you to the greatest secrets of your dreams.

A book will give you an inspiration and create a new chapter of your life…if you are willing to go for adventures, and are curious enough to seal through the sea of pages and find out the essence of life.

Well, when was the last time you held a book in your hands? Would you rather stare at the television or read a good book?

Here are 8 reasons why you should start reading books. Right now. Every day. No excuses.

 1.“ Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

In other words, reading exercises our mind. When we read a book, we keep our brain in a great form; we keep it active as much as possible.

Reading helps our brain form new connections and reduces the risk of mental diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer.

2. Reading improves knowledge.

A book is a teacher. While reading, you get informed, you learn about people, relationships, human psychology, different places and situations; you have the whole world in the palm of your hands.

Everything you read is stored in your brain. You never know when you will need all that information to help you overcome some life challenges.

3. It reduces stress.

It gives a great sense of relaxing. When you hold a book in your hands, you start searching for a quiet place where you can dive deep into the story while enjoying the silence.

When you read a book, you get into a new world; you escape the reality for a moment. You let your mind wander through creativity and imagination. And you relax and feel calm. You experience tranquility and peace of mind.

4. Reading boosts your memory and concentration.

While reading, you focus on the story, you swim into details and don’t let distractions ruin your peace of mind.

When you read a book, you memorize things about the characters and the story itself. It all comes naturally. Reading helps you remember things much easier.

5. It expands your vocabulary.

You learn new words and can express yourself in a more sophisticated way. Having a rich vocabulary and great knowledge can help you in your career.  

Reading helps to learn new languages in a way that develops your speaking and writing skills. Reading books boosts your self-confidence.

6. Your writing skills get better after reading a book.

Reading, observing the works of other writers, poets, authors, you learn how to improve your writing and create a masterpiece.

The more you read and pay attention to words and sentence structures, the more likely you can recognize the mistakes and develop a great piece of work. Therefore, if you want to be a better writer, if you want to write well, read more.

7. Reading is fun.

Different people-different tastes. And there are books for everyone’s taste: poetry, self-help guides, fiction, romance novels, books full of adventures…You just need to decide which book captures your interest and start feeding your soul with creativity and imagination.

Time spent with a good book is time well spent. Never forget that.

8. Reading makes you more empathetic.

You connect with the characters. You feel what they feel; you put yourself in their shoes.

Reading makes you more empathetic and less judgmental to people in real life. You become a nicer person, indeed.

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading! Increase your curiosity. Expand your horizons. Enjoy. Get the whole world in the palm of your hand!