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8 Habits Of Highly Attractive People


Do you know what makes a person attractive?

If you follow the law of attraction that says we don’t attract what we want but we attract what we are, it is safe to assume that we need to invest in ourselves the things that we want to see in another person.

However, many people can’t quite define what makes a person attractive. They just know they find someone attractive – call it a gut feeling or whatever – they can feel it.

Attraction is a complex thing. It can be platonic or physical, emotional or logical. Some are attracted to emotionally unavailable people, some are attracted to kindness. Every person is different so is their perception of what they find attractive.

However, there are certain basic things that almost everyone finds highly attractive. Here are 8 of them.

1. Passion For Life

Most of us admire a passionate person. Passion means having a strong will and purpose in life. Being passionate means being enthusiastic over little things. A passion is an essential ingredient in life – it gives life a meaning.

Passion is attractive because it’s selfless. And, being around a passionate person will make your life better too because passion is infectious, and you’ll find it easier to be happier. After all, human beings are wired to be attracted to people who have these qualities and impacts on them.  

2. An Open Mind

Being close-minded is a clear sign of ignorance. Having a closed mind will only make more problems and divisions in the world. On the other hand, an open mind can solve many issues that affect our society.

Being an open-minded person is highly attractive because these people are clean from judgment and prejudice. They accept everyone as they are, and this is a quality that only wise people have. They attract others because having an open mind is sexy.

3. Sense Of Humor

Life can get pretty difficult at times. We are all faced with different challenges that serve to test our strength. So, a person who can make us laugh and forget about our troubles is a person who is worthy of our time.

Plus, having a sense of humor is an incredibly attractive trait that not many possess. Because let’s face it – who wants to be around a grumpy person?

4. Confidence

This is something that everyone knows it is highly attractive, but not many can say they have it in themselves. Most, if not all, of us, have insecurities. However, some are able to focus only on their virtues. They are confident thus they are highly attractive to others.

Why? Because everyone wants to be around confident people as they can make everyone (even the most insecure person) feel comfortable. Confidence is something that radiates and inspires – it’s almost contagious.  

5. Kindness Towards Others And Self

We all want kind people around us. No one wants a mean person to suck their energy. Kindness and empathy towards others and oneself is something that is extremely attractive to others.

Plus, kind people are no longer considered to be gullible and vulnerable. Kind and empathetic people are the strongest ones – and attractive ones as well.

6. Decision – Making Ability

Being decisive means having a sense of direction. This is possibly something that is the most attractive thing we look for in a potential partner. Because nothing kills attraction more than having a partner who can’t make even the smallest decision.

Being rational and able to logically make a decision – is very attractive and can’t be found easily in people. Being someone who can offer great advice and who always seem to know the right things to say is something that everyone admires in a person.   

7. Accepting Of Others

Being judgmental goes hand in hand with being closed-minded and it is an extremely unattractive thing that leads to problems between people.

On the other hand, people who accept everyone as they are and are open to compromise are people that everyone wants in their company. Acceptance and compromise are both genuine qualities in people that make them attractive to others.

8. They Make Others Feel Attractive As Well

Attractive people treat others with respect and care. They are careful to include them in their happiness and overall joy for life. When less attractive people are around attractive people they don’t feel deficient.

Attractive people know that every person is special and brings something different to their world. So, make sure you give value to every encounter you have and make people always see the best in you.