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8 Harsh Truths About Life


We can all beat ourselves up with the “would have”, “should have”, “could have” but at the end of the day it’s all in vain. We can search our whole lives for what will truly make us happy and never find it till the rest of our days.

The thing is, life does neither turn out the way we want it to nor does it owe us anything. We were all born the same, only in different surroundings and under different circumstances which can dictate the course of our life.

Yup, truth can hurt like a bitch but we need it if we truly want a happy life. Here are the 9 truths that will help us get there:

1. Hard work is a must!

This is probably the LAST thing anyone in the world wants to hear. Even the biggest workaholics experience heavy burn-outs but the moment you don’t give up in spite of all it is the moment when you truly win.  

When you finally reach your goals, all your work and sacrifice will be a part of the past and you can reap the benefits of what you’ve sown with a winner’s smile on your face.

2. You get stuck – it’s your own fault!

During our lifetime we are surrounded by different people and find ourselves in different environments under different circumstances. However, at the end of the day, WE choose who we surround ourselves with.

This being said, if you get stuck with a bad boyfriend, a bad boss or bad friends then you are the only person to blame. We are always given a choice and we should always choose people who are GOOD for us and accept us just the way we are.

3. Saying NO is an option!

In life, you can choose whether to be your own person and stand by your decision or a miss goody two shoes that says yes to everybody just not to offend them. Saying yes to everything can be so exhausting!

Before you know it, your day is filled with a bunch of crap you have no desire of doing. Stop tormenting yourself and filter your yesses before it gets too late.

4. Careful what you wish for

Sometimes we see things from the side and they seem so appealing. The kind of hotheads we are, we tend to chase them till the very end only to wind up disappointed.

That hot guy turned out a super creep or our dream job goes with the world’s worst boss. Before you decide to chase anything and spend your precious energy, CHECK your facts and learn from other people’s experiences.

5. The world doesn’t owe you anything

Just because you worked your ass off for something doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it. Things may not always turn out in our favor and that’s ok. The best thing you can do is just walk away.

6. It’s ok to fail

YES we do our best to get to that success point we dreamt about but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. We may even hit rock bottom at some point and that’s ok.

Even the biggest success stories in the world have at some point been multiple failures. If you don’t touch the bottom you can’t push yourself up to the top.

7. No such thing as the perfect MAN

I KNOW many of you may disagree on this but it’s just another harsh truth we need to accept. Nobody’s perfect! Not me or you or anyone for that matter.

If you see someone bragging around that they have the perfect man in their life they are probably just pompous or covering something up.

8. If it seems too good to be true then it most probably is

Tale as old as time! Just do your thing and trust your instinct. You will see, trusting your gut can prove you right more often than you’d think.