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8 Impressive Hobbies For Empaths To Help Them Stay Emotionally Balanced


Empathy is usually defined as a person’s ability to understand, resonate, and ‘read’ other people’s motives and the feelings behind them.

This incredible gift that empaths have, usually leaves them emotionally drained, especially when they are among a large crowd of people.

Because of this, it is essential for empaths to take really good care of themselves. When empaths start feeling emotionally wasted and drained – they need to take a timeout and recharge.

If you are an empath, below you have 8 perfect hobbies for you that you should definitely try if you want to stay emotionally stable.


There are many benefits that you’ll gain if you decide to take the time and learn a new language. It can be beneficial for your career, it will make your traveling more enjoyable and easier for meeting up with strangers.

And not only that, but by learning a new language you can better your overall emotional health and well-being; it gives you new improved insights into the lives of other people which, in turn, makes you more understanding of others and more able to look at things from a different angle.

Plus, it makes you more creative, it keeps your mind active and sharp, and it is indeed a distraction that is worth having.


Even though preparing a meal is an activity that is necessary, there is a difference between simply cooking to make yourself something to eat and truly enjoying in the process.

Many researchers have discovered that the process of cooking and baking will make you more creative, happy, and calm. Plus, it will give you the energy for carrying out your daily activities. Also, following a recipe brings your attention to details and it serves as a great distraction.


One effective way for calming down when your thoughts are going wild is engaging yourself in meditation.

You can find various meditations in the Buddha’s Book of Sleep” by Joseph Emet. Practicing meditation can help you deal better with your emotions because it puts your focus on your breathing instead of your plaguing thoughts.


Playing a musical instrument will provide you with a bunch of health benefits: it will sharpen your mind, boost your happiness, relieve your stress, improve your memory, and so much more.

Relieving the stress and boosting the levels of joy and happiness are the main benefits that will help the empaths heal from their emotional burnouts.


It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional writer – keeping a journal is enough. By writing your story, your poems, or anything that you want to share with others, the mere process of writing is incredibly calming and relaxing.

You will soon find yourself to be more emotionally expressive and more able to deal with your emotions effectively. Writing your emotions down allows you to look at them from a different angle and deal with them much more easily than when they were just in your head.


Many studies have found that gardening is an excellent physical activity that lowers the stress and depression levels while improving the mental and physical well-being and clearing the mind at the same time.

Besides, you’ll be left with a beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors turn heads.


You will find yourself incredibly relaxed and at peace when you lose yourself in a great book. When you get lost in a book, your mind enters a new state, almost trance-like, which is very similar to the mental state during meditation.  

Moreover, many experts have found that reading has a therapeutic effect on your mind and serves as a relaxing distraction for those that need it.


From crossword puzzles and riddles to solving mathematical problems and card games – there are numerous ways that you can challenge and engage yourself mentally.

However, there is one activity that is especially effective when it comes to relaxing and keeping your mind alert – it is jigsaw puzzles. Studies have proved that solving jigsaw puzzles will improve and sharpen your memory while reducing your risk of mental illness.