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8 Little Things Women Love But Would Never Ask You To Do


Regardless of what kind of woman you’re dating, be that a romantic or ‘I don’t care’ type of woman, little surprises that show you’re thoughtful is something she’ll undoubtedly always appreciate.

Whether you will bring her breakfast in bed, take her on a romantic trip, or buy her flowers, these little things can do wonders for the relationship and keep the spark between you alive. Of course, some of them necessitate more planning than the rest, but if you really love her and nothing makes you happier than when you see her smile, none of them should be an effort for you.

Here are 8 little things you can do for her that will make her happy and love you even more:

1. Bring her breakfast in bed.

Okay, don’t roll your eyes, but let me ask you this: is there a more beautiful way to start your day than to be awaken by the irresistible smell of the breakfast especially prepared for you by your loved one? Yeah, I didn’t think there was too.

So, get up early on a Sunday morning and prepare her favorite breakfast, be that fresh fruit, toast, sweet buns, or whatever. Then surprise her by serving it to her in bed. You can be sure that this will make her feel special.

2. Take her on a romantic trip.

It’s not like she expects you to take her on an expensive cruise or give her plane tickets that will take her to the other side of the world. Even a simple weekend getaway to the nearest mountain or lake will undoubtedly be the ticket to her heart.

3. Take her on date nights.

Just because you’re in a long term relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about going on real date nights. Ordering pizza and watching a good movie together at home can be fun and romantic. But, if that’s the only way you spend the nights and go out only once or twice a month, I assure you there’s no woman who would reconcile herself to this.

So, take her to the cinema, or to the new club in town, or to her favorite restaurant where you can enjoy the dinner and conversation together. And even going for a walk in the park can do the job. Whatever you choose to do, remember that regular date nights will keep your relationship alive.

4. Send her flowers to work.

I know you’ll say this is a worn-out cliché or something that we see in movies all the time, but we simply love this gesture. This isn’t only a sign that you’re thoughtful, but it also shows that you aren’t afraid to show your love for her in public.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive bouquet in the world because even a single red rose will be enough to brighten her day.

5. Do the housework for her once in a while.

You don’t like doing the chores or maybe you even think that’s a women’s responsibility, but what makes you think she enjoys it? I’m not trying to elaborate on some feminist issues and stuff like that here, but trust me, she’d appreciate a lot if you wash the dishes or do the vacuuming and let her rest her feet once in a while.

Helping her around the house is something that will mean to her, especially when she’s tired. Don’t look at this as a threat to your masculinity and ego, but as a sign that you love and care about her.

6. Suggest shopping together.

Whether it’s buying clothes, shoes, cosmetics, or something else, women adore shopping. And we know most guys don’t like it at all, but why don’t you show her that you’re different and that you’re willing to make time to do the things she likes together?

So, surprise her by suggesting going shopping together to her favorite mall or somewhere else and you’ll see how pleasantly surprised she’ll be.

7. Compliment her, especially in public.

Every woman loves to hear that she’s beautiful and smart from her guy. Whether you’ll compliment her at a party, in the café, or on her photos on Facebook, she’ll like it anyway. Yet, make sure you only compliment her if you really mean what you’re saying because we can tell when you’re not honest and you’re flattering us because there’s something else behind those words.

8. Leave her cute love notes.

Whether you’ll write a cute love message on a post-it note or draw a heart on a napkin and leave it on her bed or stick it on the fridge, she’ll undoubtedly love it. Whatever you do, you can be sure that expressing your love for her in such a sweet way will definitely brighten her day.

Image: Ma_Co2013