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8 Reasons She Is Convinced She Would Never Find Love


She is a woman who believes in love. The one of a kind human being who is different from everyone else you’ve met. She is pure and kind, she wears her heart on her sleeve and she knows exactly what she wants from life. To love and be loved.

To find a person who would give her his heart and show her that true love does exist. Someone who won’t be afraid to love her the way she deserves. Someone who would accept her just the way she is.

But she’s also been through many difficulties in life. Difficulties that changed her and took away all her hopes that she would ever find love. Struggles that convinced her that she is very hard to love and that maybe she is not destined to find love after all…

Here are 8 reasons why she believes that she will never find love:

1. She’s been hurt too many times. She believed in people who did not deserve her trust. She relied on men who took her for granted and broke her heart. She invested herself in relationships that were toxic for her. She made mistakes. So, she is afraid. It’s hard for her to open up and trust again.

2. She is complicated. That is the person she has become after so many heartbreaks. Isolated. Afraid. Hard to handle and even harder to satisfy. She doesn’t let anyone in her life anymore. Life has taught her that she should be more cautious when it comes to love.

3. She isn’t willing to change for anyone’s sake. There was a time when she did this and more for the people she loved. But she never got anything in return. So, that time is over. She is no longer the person who would sacrifice her happiness for someone else. She is selfish with her love because she knows her worth.

4. She knows how to take care of herself. Life has forced her to become her own hero. To not wait for anyone to save her or make her happy. That is why she is independent and strong. She has been taking care of herself her whole life. That is why she is afraid that she might never find someone who would accept her the way she is.

5. She doesn’t want to settle for less than she deserves. It’s simple. In the past, she wasn’t aware of how much she is worth, and as a result, she settled for any person that came her way. But now is different. She is no longer that person. She would never accept something mediocre. Especially not love.

6. She despises the concept of modern dating. She is an old soul who has classic values and she believes in the old-fashioned way. She doesn’t understand the modern era. She doesn’t care about hard-to-get games. She doesn’t waste her time on people who don’t know what they want from life. The only things she really cares for are real emotion, honesty, and vulnerability.

7. She believes in ‘happily ever after’. Even though she is a strong, independent girl, she still believes in fairytales. The only thing that scares her is the fact that today’s society no longer nurtures those values.

8. She would rather stay alone all her life than be in a relationship with the wrong guy. Another reason she believes that she is not destined to experience love is the fact that she isn’t afraid to spend her life alone if she doesn’t find a decent relationship. She is waiting for that right person. But slowly, she is losing her hopes that someone like this will ever find her.

8 Reasons She Is Convinced She Would Never Find Love