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8 Reasons The Girl Who Overthinks Is The Best Girl To Fall In Love With


You might think that the girl who overthinks is overemotional and difficult to deal with. But, this is far from the truth. This girl isn’t clingy, boring, or weird. She’s different from the rest and falling in love with her is going to be the most amazing experience you’ll ever have.

The girl who overthinks always keeps her mind busy. Whether it’s thinking about where you might be at a given time or worrying about why you aren’t texting her back right away, she always wonders whether things mean more.  Although you might find this behavior quite unusual or even unnecessary, you should know that once she lets you in, you’re in for good. She’ll do her best to make you feel happy and special. And this makes her worth fighting for.

Here’s why this kind of girl is the best to fall in love with:

1. She is always honest.

Honesty is the personal trait she values the most. She knows how hurt she’d be if her guy isn’t honest with her or does things behind her back. That’s why she’ll never lie to or cheat on you or do anything that could hurt your feelings. She’ll always tell you the truth, no matter how unpleasant or painful it is. Moreover, she’d never even put herself into a position in which she would have to lie to you.

2. She will include you in every part of her life.

Even when she has busy days or feels down in the dumps, this girl will never neglect your feelings and needs. She’ll show you that you mean the world to her. She’ll never make a decision without asking for your opinion, and she’ll make sure the decision benefit both of you. Additionally, she’ll make you a part of her future plans because once you get in her heart, she won’t be able to imagine her future without you.


3. She’ll fully devote herself to you.

When this girl loves, she loves hard. She’ll devote her mind, heart, and soul to you. She’ll find out what your insecurities and fears are and help you overcome them. When you feel sad, she’ll know exactly what to say to make you feel better or even laugh. Her top priority will be to make you happy and emotionally complete. She’ll motivate you to achieve your highest goals and wildest dreams and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

4. She is loyal.

One of the reasons why this kind of girl overthinks things is that she wants to be sure of her guy’s undivided loyalty. If you’re lucky to find such a girl, you’ll never have to wonder whether she truly loves you or you’re just her temporary fling. She’ll show you that you’re important to her and that she’ll always be there to help and support you. She’ll never leave you or stop fighting for you.

5. She is genuine.

While there are many girls who pretend to be someone they are not, this girl is always herself. She hates when someone hides their true face and intentions. You’re lucky because you’ll never have to go through this. This girl is sincere about her feelings and opinions and you’ll always know where you stand in her life.

6. She will never play mind games with you.

This kind of girl overanalyzes things because she wants to make sure her guy isn’t playing little mind games with her. That’s why she’ll never make you feel like she’s playing with your emotions, manipulating, or taking advantage of you. As far as her feelings and intentions are concerned, she’ll always lay her cards on the table. She’ll make sure you know that you occupy an important place in her heart.

7. She’s smart, cautious, and won’t trust you easily.

For a girl who overthinks everything related to her guy and the relationship, it’s impossible to have complete confidence in her partner without being sure that he really deserves that. She’s been often hurt and her past experiences have taught her that she needs to be more careful whom she trusts. So, don’t do anything that could make her feel doubtful about you. Yet, remember that once you win her trust, she’ll never doubt you or your love for her.

8. She isn’t afraid to disagree with you.

The girl who overthinks doesn’t want to miss anything. That’s why she’ll pay close attention to your words as you speak and disagree with you if your opinions and ideas are opposed to her moral principles and values. Yet, she’ll never contradict, criticize, or put you down intentionally. She’ll respect your opinions, attitudes, and decisions and she’ll disagree with you only if she finds your ideas or behavior unacceptable.