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8 Reasons Why Dating The Girl Who Is Used To Being Single Is So Challenging


Dating the girl who is used to being single will be unlike your past relationships. She’ll be like an enigma you’ll have to try really hard to solve. She’ll have the highest walls built up around her and you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and time to break them. Yet, once you figure out her personality, you’ll see that she was worth all the effort.

The girl who is used to being on her own is strong and confident. She doesn’t need to be in a relationship with someone so as to feel loved and worthy. She’s used to protecting and taking care of herself.  

This girl has built her own world – a world in which she’s alone, but she doesn’t feel lonely. A world in which being single is not something scary, depressing, or tragic. Instead, it’s her comfort zone. Her safe place.  

And letting another person into that world is going to be hard for her. There will be times when you might think that she’s not interested in you and that you’re just a burden to her. Yet, just because she’s independent and confident and she doesn’t depend on others for her happiness, it doesn’t mean that she’s unable to love. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you.

Winning this girl’s heart and dating her is going to be challenging for you, but one thing’s sure – she’ll be the best girl you can ever fall in love with and here’s why:

1. She has a strong sense of identity.

This girl knows who she is and what she wants in life, and she definitely knows what qualities she wants her partner to possess. She wants a man who will be independent and strong just like her and who will be able to keep up with her in every aspect of life.

She has firm opinions and moral principles and she’d never allow herself to be with someone who would disrespect these or try to change her. This girl knows very well what kind of person she could be most compatible with and get along with and what kind of person could win her heart.

2. She knows her priorities.

This girl has many things to achieve and missions to complete in life. She has goals, both personal and professional, and dreams to pursue. She has a list of priorities and love is definitely not on the top of the list.

So, don’t expect her to give up on and forget about her plans, goals, and passions when she falls in love with you and starts dating you. This girl is perfectly aware of her priorities and she knows where she’s headed in life, and she’ll never let anyone or anything prevent her from getting there.


3. She won’t settle for anything less than true, deep love.

This girl has been single for a long time since some guy out there took her for granted and didn’t know how to treat her right and appreciate her. Some guy out there treated her so badly that he made her feel like she’d be better off single than with somebody else.

That’s why she’d never settle for a mediocre love or one-sided relationship. She’d never settle for some jerk who can’t see her worth. She’d only settle for a man with whom she feels she’s deeply connected on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. A man who will prove that he deserves her trust. A man with whom she’ll experience genuine, deep, soulmate kind of love.

4. She can’t stand playing little mind games.

She’s a mature and smart woman. Therefore, she’s looking for a man who will treat her as such.  She wants to be with someone who will always lay his cards on the table. Someone who will always be open about his feelings, opinions, and intentions with her.  Someone who will respect her and prove to her that he deserves her trust.

This girl doesn’t have time to play little, devious mind games. She’d never waste her time, energy and love on a dishonest, unfaithful man. That kind of bullsh*t is not for her. So, if you’re planning to lie to, manipulate, or let alone, cheat on her, don’t doubt she’ll show you the door before you even think about lying to her.

5. You might think she doesn’t need you.

Chances are you’ll often hear things like: I can handle it on my own. Or  I’m fine, I don’t need your help. But, this is normal. After all, she was single for a long time and she’s simply forgotten what it’s like to have somebody else next to her.

But, you need to remember that her intention is not to hurt you or make you feel weak and unimportant. Yes, she’s used to handling things on her own, but this doesn’t mean she’ll always be like that. You need to be patient with her and gradually she’ll become comfortable about relying on you.

6. She’s not afraid of being single.

Being single doesn’t make her feel lonely, afraid, or miserable. Instead, it makes her feel comfortable. It enables her to reflect on her feelings, thoughts, needs, desires, and goals and explore her opportunities. It enables her to reach the deepest parts of her soul and learn more things about herself.

By being on her own, she protects herself from manipulative, phony, toxic people. Being single gives her enough time to think about who deserves her trust and love and who doesn’t deserve to be a part of her life.

7. She won’t let you into her life right away.

It’ll take her time before she is able to trust you. It’ll take her a while before she lets you into her heart and feels comfortable enough to open up to you.

It’ll be hard for her to leave her comfort zone and start sharing her life with another person. But if she sees that you’re someone worthy of her attention and love, if she sees that you’re the person who has everything that she wants in her partner, she won’t hesitate to let you into her life. And once she does that, you’ll realize she was worth the wait.

8. You’ll have to offer her much better things than the life she’s created for herself.

If this girl chooses you, that will be because she wants you. She doesn’t need your money and she doesn’t need you to buy her expensive gifts or take her to fancy restaurants.

All that she wants is you. She wants your love and attention. She wants you to be there for her when she needs you and she wants to know she can always trust you.

This girl wants to know she didn’t make a mistake choosing you.