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8 Reasons Why It’s the Right Time to Quit Alcohol


While alcohol is known to open the gateways of fun by filling you with fearlessness and making the moments a lot happening and enjoyable, there are a number of side effects that come along with every sip of booze you gulp down your throat. Alcohol dissolves in the blood and starts showing its effect almost after a short duration of intake and the user feels a state of relaxation, confidence, happiness and a feeling of pleasure. However, these pleasurable effects of alcohol are combined with a series of negative impacts it has on the body and the mind of the user like slow down reflexes, lack of coordination, impaired thinking ability, poor memory power and a lot more.

You cannot escape the side effects of alcohol from being a “casual drinker” as even a single bottle of beer is known to take a toll on the user. With the course of time, regular drinking habit leads to a lot of health issues that can be extremely dangerous for a person. If you have been ignoring the side effects of alcohol consumption, here are some points to let you know the ways in which this habit is causing you a lot more damage than you even know about:

  1. It can cause damage to the DNA: It might come as a surprise to you, but studies have shown that the consumption of alcohol leads to oxidative stress, thus causing damage to your DNA. Even with a casual drinking habit, the cell damage is boosted to a fatal extent.
  2. It leads to unwanted weight gain: Alcohol leads to deterioration of hunger-regulating hormone known as leptin, thus making you feel excessively hungry and causing weight gain. Apart from this, studies have shown that binge drinking can lead to an enormous amount of calorie intake which in some cases can get as high as 6500. So, if you’re concerned about your increasing body weight, alcohol is a no-no for you.
  3. It leaves you exhausted: Alcohol causes a significant decline in the nutrient B12 and results in a state of tiredness and headache, often named as “hangover”. If you don’t want your next day to get ruined due to fatigue and light-headedness, better stay away from booze.
  4. It deteriorates the functioning of the brain: A recent study of Rutgers University has shown that the intake of alcohol hinders the growth of newly created brain cells by as much as 40 percent. The regular consumption can cause a significant amount of alcohol induced brain damage to the neurons, thus making it very difficult for the brain to function in a healthy manner.
  5. It causes high blood pressure: The problem of increased blood pressure is too common among the regular drinkers, but according to the American Journal of Hypertension, this problem is twice in women in comparison to men. If you’re experiencing the problem of high blood pressure, now you know where the problem actually lies.
  6. Alcohol is a major depressant: Because of this nature of alcohol, it is quite common to observe people crying their hearts out after a few drinks. The fact is that alcohol tends to intensify the negative feelings and also causes the risk of getting indulged in a fight. So, you need to stop this habit if want to avoid the unintentional harm caused due to getting drunk and uncontrolled.
  7. It ruins the quality of sleep: You might find it a bit difficult to digest as people end up dozing off after drinking. However, the thing is that the quality of sleep gets deteriorated by the intake of alcohol and this is why you end up waking up all tired and restless.
  8. It elevates the risk of mortality: If any of the above reasons couldn’t be sufficient enough to make you realize the harm caused by alcohol, this one certainly will. Surveys reflect that about 10 percent of deaths every year are only because of excessive drinking. So, if you’re planning to live longer, now you certainly know what to do with your drinking habit.

Conclusion: Having seen all the above points, it surely becomes very clear that alcohol packs more damage with it than the fun it offers. So this is the right time to quit this deadly habit.