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8 Reasons Why Lumbar Fusion is the Best Option for You


The spine is one of the most important structures in our body. It must stay strong and healthy for optimal function of the vertebral column. Injuries and degeneration can lead to immense pain, numbness, and difficulty walking or breathing. Lumbar Fusion is one of the best ways to address these injuries and promote healing. This treatment is used to correct both degenerative and traumatic spinal conditions. It involves fusing two or more adjacent vertebrae to correct a severe spinal injury, as well as other complications that may occur. (1)

Here are some of the benefits of this procedure.

1. Strengthening of The Spine

The spine comprises bones called vertebrae stacked on top of one another. Between each bone is a disc that acts as a shock absorber and allows the bones to move easily without creating pain. Lumbar Fusion is fusing two or more vertebrae to strengthen the spine and relieve back pain. This Fusion helps stabilize the vertebrae, thus reducing stress on the discs and spinal joints. The strength and stability of the spine are also crucial for healthy posture and movement. A lumbar fusion is an excellent treatment to regain the ability to walk and exercise after a spinal injury.

2. Eliminate Pain and Numbness

One of the main issues with lumbar discs is that they can herniate, or rupture. This may cause intense back pain and radiating pain down into the legs. Pain is a significant sign of damage to the spine. A lumbar fusion allows for vertebrae to be fused to promote stability and relieve pressure on the nerves that may have been damaged. Severe back pain can cause significant complications, such as increased medical bills and loss of productivity, as well as causing physical discomfort and emotional stress. With lumbar Fusion, the spine becomes more robust, allowing for improved movement and less pain.

3. Restoration of Spinal Mobility

The fusion process involves restoring the ability of the spine to move freely while stabilizing the vertebrae to limit pain. The Fusion is controlled so that the vertebrae get stabilized without causing any further pain. Your doctor will use a screw or bolt to keep the vertebrae in place to heal properly. Once the Fusion is complete, your doctor will begin a physical therapy process to restore mobility. This will help you regain mobility and stability to return to living an active lifestyle.

4. Promote Healing and Prevent Further Damage

A lumbar fusion will involve removing the disc causing the pain to promote healing. This is done with a discogram and an x-ray of the spine. This will allow new discs to be formed to prevent further pain and swelling. It also promotes healing by giving the damaged area a chance to recover from inflammation and repair itself.

5. The Procedure is Minimally Invasive

The Fusion is accomplished with minimal discomfort and no need for major surgery. The procedure will only involve relaxing the muscles surrounding the spine and inserting an instrument into the spinal canal. Minimally invasive lumbar fusion requires no incisions or invasive techniques.

6. The Procedure Can Be Done in An Outpatient Facility

You can go home after the surgery. This limits exposure to infections and complications resulting from the surgery. The procedure only takes a few hours. After the surgery, you will spend a short time in the hospital, where your doctor monitors the healing process.

7. The Procedure Is Safe for The Patient

Lumbar Fusion is a safe procedure when done by an experienced surgeon. It has become easier to perform as technology has evolved. The Fusion is performed very controlled manner that allows for minimal damage to the surrounding nerves and muscles. Your doctor will use only the highest-quality instruments and surgical techniques in the facility.

8. A Comfortable Recovery Period

You should start feeling better relatively quickly after the procedure. Follow-up appointments are scheduled at a local hospital, and you will spend no more than a few hours here. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to continue with your post-surgery regimen, including what to eat, move, and maximize your recovery. You will be monitored closely with regular visits until your doctor is satisfied that you are fully recovered.
Consult a doctor who can help you understand your diagnosis and recommend the best treatment. Lumbar Fusion is a great way to correct the damage and prevent further issues with the spine. This procedure has many benefits that allow you to live an active lifestyle again. (2)