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8 Reasons Why Strong And Smart Women Have A Hard Time Finding Love


Finding true, pure, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love is certainly not an easy journey. And it’s even harder for smart, strong women. Why? Well, the reason is simple. These women know their worth. They believe in their abilities and strength. They know very well who they are and what they want to achieve in life.

There are many stereotypes about single intelligent, badass women. Many people think they’re too self-confident, egocentric, and emotionally unavailable. They think they’re not interested in relationships and they don’t want to commit. 

But, as I said – these are just stereotypes and nothing more. Because smart, brave women who are used to being on their own are not conceited, shallow, miserable, or unable to love. They’re not difficult to handle and love. They’re simply strong and resilient and they’re aware of their worth.

They’re not afraid to stand up for themselves and they don’t let anyone disrespect them. Oh, and yeah, they don’t waste their time tolerating anyone’s bullsh*t. And as far as their love life is concerned …

Here are 8 reasons why finding love is so hard for strong, smart women:

1. They don’t settle.

Intelligent and strong women have high standards. They know what qualities they want their partner to possess and how they deserve to be treated. And even if they like someone who doesn’t meet their standards, they’ll still put an end to the relationship. They’ll simply never compromise their standards for anyone.

They’ve been betrayed and put through pain, but they’ll never allow themselves to make the same mistake again – to give someone the opportunity to hurt them again. They’ll only choose a man who will prove he’s deserving of their love and trust, and they won’t settle for anything less than that.

2. They stand up for themselves.

A smart and strong woman isn’t afraid to defend herself. She always says what she thinks and she always tells the truth, no matter how cruel and painful it may be. This is what makes them appear intimidating to some men since such women are a threat to their ego.

Additionally, they’re not afraid to call a person out on their behavior when they said or did something that hurt their feelings or when they catch them lying. They always let others know when they’ve crossed their boundaries and they behave the same way in their relationships too.

3. They don’t need a man to feel whole.

They crave deep love and meaningful relationships. Yet, they don’t need a man so as to feel complete and whole. They don’t need a man to feel emotionally fulfilled and happy. They already have successful careers and amazing friends and family. They feel comfortable in their own skin and they’re satisfied with their own lives.

They’ll never start a relationship with someone out of fear of being alone. Because being single doesn’t scare them. What they’re actually afraid of is being with a man who will try to change them and impede their growth. A man who will expect them to be submissive. A man who won’t treat them as his equal and bring even more happiness to their already fulfilled and happy life.

4. They never settle for being someone’s second option.

Yes, this is out of the question. A woman who is aware of her worth will never allow herself to be treated like a second option. She’ll never allow herself to be a part of a bunch of women a guy is dating because he wants to have fun, and once he’s finished, he’ll get rid of them like they’re used, worthless objects.

An intelligent, strong woman is never an option. Therefore, if her man doesn’t put her high on his priority list, I’m sorry, but he doesn’t stand a chance of being with her.

5. They don’t seek other people’s validation.

They know that not all people will like and respect them. That’s why they don’t bother to meet other people’s expectations of them, be that related to their career, friendships, or love life.

They know that the person who is worthy of their love will find them at the right time and  they don’t let other people’s opinions of them or their relationship status define their worth. 

6. They don’t play by the rules.

Don’t expect a smart, independent woman to blindly follow any rules or dating practices that you follow. Such woman is brave and daring and she won’t let anyone prevent her from doing the thing she truly wants to do.

She won’t behave like you expect and want her to. She has her own beliefs and moral principles and she always acts according to them. And you can be sure that she’ll never expect or ask you to follow any dating rules too.  


7. Their heart has been broken before.

They are tough, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to pain. They’ve been hurt and experienced heartbreak. They’ve been betrayed and disappointed many times before. They’ve dated men who took their love for granted and broke their heart.

And this has not only made them stronger, but it has taught them a valuable lesson. They’ve learned that some guys are ready to do anything to get what they want, and once they do so, they show their true face. They’ve learned that not every man who swears he truly loves them is honest and deserves their trust and love.

8. They know when it’s time to move on.

A smart, strong woman will never beg someone for their attention and love. If her partner doesn’t treat her as she deserves and if he’s not willing to fully commit himself to her and the relationship, she won’t think twice about walking away and moving on with her life.