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8 Red Flags You’re Dating An Emotional Psychopath


Emotional psychopaths don’t come with a label or visible physical appearance. They don’t look like disturbed, unhinged serial killers. Rather than that, they put on a mask of a charming, compassionate, loving person so as to hide their true colors and make you fall in love with them so deeply that it’ll be impossible for you to leave them.

Once you fall in love with them and fall for their devious mind games, the real hell begins. They’ll use all their acting skills and manipulation tactics they know (and they know plenty of them) to control you. They’ll make you think they truly love and care about you.

You may even believe you won’t find anyone better than them and that’s exactly what they want. That’s all a part of their master plan to make you fall madly and blindly in love with them so that it’s easier for them to make you act as it suits them.

They want to make sure they’ll always have someone who will give them the love and attention that they’re incapable of giving anyone, including themselves.

They want to ensure you’ll always be there to boost their ego and make them feel good about themselves because, deep down, these people know that they’re evil, selfish, worthless human beings who are not able to honestly love anyone.

If you’re dating an emotional psychopath and you’re not aware of it, chances are you’ll end up devastated in the end. Your confidence will be ruined as well, and it’ll take you a long time before you’re able to restore it. So, how do you know you’re dating this kind of person?

Well, here are the top 8 warning signs, and if you can relate most of these to your partner, make sure you run away from them and don’t look back.

1. They lack empathy.

Can you remember when the last time was you saw them being emotional or vulnerable or showing any emotions? You can’t, right? Well, that’s because empathy, compassion, and conscience are only abstract terms to them. They can play with your feelings and hurt you without feeling any shame or remorse.

So, don’t expect them to be there for you when you need their help and support to overcome your problems or deal with tough periods because they’ll never be there.

2. They lie incessantly.

They lie the moment they open their mouth. Lying is the way they think and talk. These people tend to lie about everything, from the smallest, most insignificant things to more serious issues. They tell a lie after a lie and end up creating a whole chain of lies.

Never expect such a person to be open and direct with you. Never expect him/her to honestly tell you why they came home late the other night or why they always hide their phone from you. Honesty and trust have no importance to them.

3. They humiliate you in public.

When you truly and deeply love someone, you’re supposed to encourage and build them up. But, this is way too far from the way your “perfect match” treats you.

They often embarrass and humiliate you in public. They crack jokes on you and make you feel uncomfortable and ashamed in front of other people. They might even discuss things related to you that you don’t want others to know.

This only shows that not only do they disrespect your feelings, they also don’t care about them. Staying in such toxic relationship can only make you lose your confidence and sense of self-worth.

4. They seek your attention, but they never give you any.

They want you to devote your time and attention to them and take care of their needs and wishes, but they rarely give you any attention in return. They want you to be there for them all the time and expect you to accept their problems as your own and do your best to help them overcome them.

They can even pretend to be upset or hurt so as to gain your sympathy. They can even create a drama and tell you that they’re stalked by their abusive ex. Yes, these people are simply prepared to do anything to get your attention.

5. They always put the blame on you.

They didn’t get promoted? It’s your fault. They had a stressful day? It’s your fault too. Some plan of theirs failed? Oh yes, you’re responsible for that as well.

Your partner blames you for anything bad that goes in their life or in the relationship, irrespective of whether it’s your fault or not. They never own up to their mistakes. Instead, they do their best to make you feel guilty and accept responsibility for their own wrongdoings.

6. They isolate you from your loved ones.

They do this for two reasons: a) because they want to ensure you give all your attention only to them, and b) because their greatest fear is that someone might help you discover their true personality and leave them.

These people know that it’s very easy for your family or friends to notice their true intentions and dishonest nature because they’re able to see things objectively compared to you.

So, to prevent your loved ones from revealing the truth to you, they’ll tell you bad things about them and try to poison your mind and turn you against them. They can tell you that your mother is too nosy or that your best friend is jealous of you.

They can even try to assure you that you don’t need anyone else in your life because all you could ever need and want, you can find that in them.

7. They blackmail you.

How can you do this to the person you say you love and respect the most? Well, apparently in the twisted, wicked world of emotional psychopaths, this is perfectly normal.

When you do something that your partner doesn’t like, they rarely confront you in a calm, polite, civilized manner. Instead, they become furious and start judging and belittling you.

Or when you refuse to do something they want you to do, they may even blackmail you by threatening to reveal your secrets and even harm themselves.

8. They’re perfectly charming at times.

I know it sounds ironic, but despite all the negative behaviors they show, these people are extremely charming at times.

When they say bad things to you and disrespect you and see that you’re really mad at them or that maybe you’re even planning to leave them, they put on their charismatic face and do their best to convince you that they didn’t mean what they said to you and that everything will be all right.

During these moments, you need to remember the rest of the story and remind yourself of what kind of person is standing in front of you.