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8 Positive Signs That Show You’re Going To Marry Your Girlfriend


You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve read about it in every magazine there is (even though you don’t like to admit it). You’ve heard all about that special, heart-warming moment when you finally realize “She’s the one”.

The moment of truth will come to you in many different forms: Whether it’s you two binge-watching your favorite Ash vs Evil season while stuffing your faces with potato chips and burping out that last can of beer; or you see her front row dancing and having the time of her life while watching you shred that guitar on a typical Friday night; or maybe those rare vacation moments when you wake up next to her and realize how blessed you are to have her in your world.

Regardless of the way, it’s going to happen, there are times in life when a guy “just knows”. It will hit you so intensely that when it does it’ll literally rock you like a hurricane (pun intended).

Seeing as you fellas should always be prepared for the strike, we gathered some sure and relatable signs you need to check. If your relationship is pretty much based on them, you’re probably going to marry your girl.

1.  When You Think About The Future, You Could Easily Picture Yourself Moving In With Her

Guys, let’s talk real stuff. If the minute you think about the future, a picture of you two being all settled up in a cozy apartment comes to your mind, this is huge.

It means you are ready and willing to trade your alone time in the comfort of your home in order to be with her and spend all of the following “tomorrows” with her.

Saying yes to this transition means approaching one step closer to tying the famous knot with your girl.

2. You Are Hooked On One Of Her Favorite Tv Shows

Boy oh boy, is this important in a relationship. Of course, there are more significant things you need to search for before stepping into a relationship or make the crucial decision to marry a person.

However, aren’t the small things that the things give away the most about a person’s character?  Personally, I think yes.

And movie preferences are just one of the crucial things on the list. I know, they seem like some lame trivial stuff, but getting hooked on a person’s favorite thing is a priceless feeling.

3. She’s More Than A Girlfriend, She’s Your Best Friend

It sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth.

When you think about the person you consider your best friend, she’s the first one on the list. You spend time together, you shared every crazy desire and every deep thought inside your mind because you know she’ll be there for you, no games, no pretending, no nothing. Completely judgment-free.

You feel like you could say even the oddest, craziest thing to her, and she’d laugh about it. And that’s the same reason you fell for her.

4. You Would Rather Sleep Next To Her Than Without Her

Similar to visualizing yourself moving in with her, wanting to sleep next to a person is important on many levels.

Seeing as our bodies and minds are the most vulnerable while they are in sleep mode, sleeping in with another person is a very intimate act.

It signifies you are ready to share every bit of your intimacy with her. More importantly, it’s not enough for you to only spend the night together, but you actually can’t wait to wake up next to her.

5.You Support One Another And Take Pride In Each Other

One of the huge pointers whether or not you two are the ultimate marriage material.

Your significant person shouldn’t be the one to downgrade you, on the contrary, this person should be striving to help you grow even higher by encouraging your flaws and praising your successes.

You should be happy for her, not feel threatened. You need to build your relationship stronger, not tear it down.

If you support all her dreams and ideas, no matter how silly they might sound, it seems to me someone is ready to “put the ring on it”.

6. If The Guys Knew Your “Voice” When You Talk To Her, They Wouldn’t Stop Making Fun Of You

Oh, yes you do know what I’m talking about. It happened to every one of you though guys out there. And if you “aren’t sure”, you’re either too ashamed to admit or you haven’t found the right one yet.

Those cute, pet names you two call each other, and maybe the way the tone of your voice changes whenever you pick up the phone to call her. It’s just love, fellas! Crazy, stupid, unbelievable love. Go for it!

 7. Her Humor Cracks You Up And She May Be The Funniest Person You Know

I’ve felt it and said it a thousand times. Laughing with a person makes some sort of an inexplicable bond between them. And I think that people don’t take this thing seriously enough. It might sound silly to you, but in my opinion, relationships that don’t share the same humor can’t last long.

When two beings immediately connect on such a joyous level and make each other laugh at even the stupidest jokes, it’s an incredibly rare thing.

So, guys, if you fell for a girl who understands your politically incorrect and nasty humor (whatever it is that makes you laugh until you cry), and responds even more hilariously, I’m telling you, she’s destined for you.

8. You Still Smile Every Time You See Her

Ultimately, there a feeling you get every time you see her, that seems to never fade away. The passion burns like you two just met the other day, yet the minute you met you felt like you know her all your life. It’s a love paradox.

The butterflies are there from the beginning and you feel like the more you two are together the more intensely beautiful and magical your bond becomes.

She never ceases to amaze you and never stops brightening your day. You’ve realized you are finally at a place in your life that you’ve yearned for so long.

Because you just know that “she’s the one” for you.