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8 Signs You’ve Found A Good Man Who Will Love You Forever

you found a man you will love forever

Love. The most compelling force in this world, yet so fragile. It is the state of feeling heavenly “dazed and confused” but at the same time, you feel like you stand your ground firmer than ever.

And you will know deep in your soul when this happens. Your eyes will spark, your smile will glisten, and every little problem you have will magically vanish when you see that special person.

If you are lucky enough and you already found your Prince Charming on the white shiny horse, these are 8 important signs that will show you he’s here to stay and he’ll love you forever.

1. Oh Those Special “4 little words”

“You are the one”. You have finally found your Mr. Right and after a while, he made a strong declaration of his love. You are not dreaming, this is very real! You should probably expect something “shiny” any day now.

2. He Pampers You Like A Princess

One of the signs that you finally come across the right man is their gentle behavior. When your man treats you like the most divine being and keeps you save in his loving embrace, you know you’ve found the real man.

If he is willing to do anything for you in order for you to be happy, he’s definitely the perfect person for you. Hold him tight!

3. He Enjoys Thinking And Planning About Your Future Together

When you notice that he starts using “we” instead of “me”, you know he is head over heels in love with you. He tells you how happy he is since he found you and starts making plans for his future with you.

He talks to you about his future goals just so there’s no obstacle that can influence your relationship.

4. He Looks At You With A Sparkle In His Eyes

Every time he sees you, he looks at you with a twinkle in his eyes. His face lights up and his smile glistens the moment you fall into his arms.

It is as if you two only met yesterday, yet at the same time, it seems like your soul recognizes his soul from a previous life. The fire inside you two burns even brighter than ever. And you know that a connection like that is bound to last forever.

5. He Is Supportive Of Your Dreams

He is your biggest encouragement. He knows all your dreams and passions and supports them 100%. And no matter what happens, he’ll be your shoulder to cry. Because you are the only one that matters to him the most.

6. He Is In Sync With You

Have you ever thought about something and your partner uttered the same thing that was on your mind a minute ago? If the answer is yes, you’re a lucky woman. These types of in intense connections don’t happen every day.

And this does not mean for verbal communication only. You two feel each other’s feelings on a deeper level. You know when something is not quite okay, but your heart sings whenever he is happy. If your man is in in sync with you, he’s the one for you.

7. You Are The First Person He Goes To

You just know that your man will love you endlessly when the first person he calls to tell the news is you. He always comes to you first and asks for your sincere opinion. Because no matter what happens, your words help him the way nothing ever could.

8. You Received Confirmation From Others

His friends and his family told you that he has never been this happy before. They talk about his feelings with you and the fact that you’ve brought him back to life. They keep saying how happy you have made them and that you two are the ultimate match made in heaven.

If you managed to recognize your loved one in this article, share this with him and show him how much you appreciate his presence in your life.You are one fortunate girl, make sure you hold him tight and never lose him.