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8 Signs You Have A Unique Personality That Everybody Secretly Admires


Not everybody is worthy of admiration nowadays. People choose to be fake to gain attention. However, attention is not something admirable people crave for. They stay true to themselves and do not pay attention to what others think about them.

Staying true to yourself takes a lot of work and a lot of sacrifices. Perhaps the greatest sacrifice is learning that staying true to yourself means letting go of many falsehoods and misconceptions of who you truly are.

And once you understand your true self, these 8 traits come naturally. They are the object of admiration for many, and something not everyone is brave enough to become.

1. Perceiving fear differently

If you want to control someone, give them something to fear. If you want to stop someone, give them a good reason to be afraid. However, people who cannot be influenced by fear are those who have learned that fear is just an emotion – not a reality.

These people are not fearless – lack of fear would be dumb in many cases. No, they can also be afraid, but fear does not paralyze them. They find fear to be just another of the driving forces that inspire them to take the essential steps and move forward.

These people will conquer that fear and create a reality where there is nothing to fear anymore.

2. Avoiding gossip

Gossip is the poison of the mind. While you focus on discussing other people, you start forgetting that your life is never perfect and that you should rather use that intense focus on yourself.

Those who can be called ‘admirable’ know this, and if they need to talk about someone’s negative traits, they will rather have a heart to heart conversation with that person and try to help them understand the error of their ways.

In the end, what is the use of gossiping? Fun? They do not see this anywhere near fun. There is nothing fun in pointing out someone else’s flaws when nobody is flawless anyway.

3. Being a good listener and learning about others

Everybody is a universe of their own, so different than the rest. These people love to learn more about people; they love to learn more from them. They will always listen carefully and put much thought in the conversations with others.

They are fascinated by the idea of discovering someone else for who they truly are, and delve deep into their world and their ways of seeing things.

4. Being selective of friends

Friends are not a number, and they will never be. Friends, in the real meaning of the word, are people you can trust and you can rely on. Admirable people are aware of this, and they are very careful about whom they let in their lives.

They will not just hang around with anyone. They like to be around people they can put their faith in. For these people, they are ready to do everything, and they know that they will never regret it.

5. Appreciating rationality and avoiding idiocy

How many of the people around you can you call ‘idiots?’ Admirable people avoid those who tend to lean on that side. They would rather speak to themselves in the mirror than exchange even a glance with someone whose irrationality spreads like cancer.

It is not that they are arrogant. On the contrary, the people they avoid like being arrogant with the little knowledge they have gathered from who knows where. They are aware that arrogance is the end of rationality, and they always tend to be as humble as possible when it comes to knowing things.

6. Not craving for attention

Have you found someone who does anything to get some attention as admirable? That is correct. Admirable people never seek attention. The attention they get from people is inspired by their acts, not their needs.

These people focus on what they should do next and what goal they should achieve by doing so. They do not need the approval of others, but they do like to discuss things, especially if someone believes that they are doing something wrong.

7. Aware of one’s imperfection

Admirable people are not perfect (nobody is). And they know this very well. They can feel insecure, challenged, afraid, overwhelmed – and they admit this. They are aware of their weaknesses, and they are ready to face each one of them.

They see challenging and tough situations as the best place for growth and they devise constructive approaches to solving the problems that come ahead.

8. Being kind and nurturing

Those who deserve admiration are not successful people ready to take advantage of other people’s misery. Admirable people will always be kind to those who deserve their kindness and nurturing to those in need, no matter their status.

They do not do this out of the need to be called ‘saints.’ You would not even know how many people they did help, as they find this to be something very sensitive to discuss or brag about.

They have great love for people, but they can also be fierce and unforgiving. It all depends whether those people are truly people or things that were once people.