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8 Signs You Met A Person From Your Soul Group


Have you ever got face to face with someone who you felt you have known them forever even though you have just met them? Have you felt an inexplicable and intense connection with them without knowing why?

There are people out there that seem like they know us and connect with us on a heart level. These people are known to be a part of our ‘Soul Group.’

What is a ‘Soul Group’ and how can you recognize someone from your soul group?  

A ‘Soul Group’ is a person or a group of people that share your emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental level at any moment. You have a very special and strong bond with these people because you ‘vibrate’ on the same level.

And this intense spiritual and magnetic bond goes way beyond having the same hobbies, opinions, or tastes. It is a connection that is inexplicable, but you feel it with every fiber of your being.

Below are 8 signs that you have met someone from your Soul Group:

1. You Are Magnetically Drawn To Them

You both share an energy that literally pulls you together like a magnet. And for no exact reason, you feel like you can’t distance yourself from them and their energy. Even if you somehow wind up being apart from one another, you will always find a way to get back together again.  

2. You Feel Like You’ve Known Them Your Entire Life

When you are around them, you feel very comfortable and understood. This person makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before. When you first met them, you’ve felt disturbed in a pleasant way, as if meeting someone who you’ve known since forever – an entirely strange feeling of familiarity and recognition.

3. Your Eye Contact Is Deep And ‘Dangerous’ (But, Soo Lovely)

When you look the person from your Soul Group in the eye, there is a feeling of recognition, comfort, and familiarity. As if you can look into each other’s souls. And it doesn’t feel awkward at all.

4. Your Soul Feels Nourished In Their Presence

As opposed to those people who seem to drain all your energy and put a great weight on your soul, people from your Soul Group are entirely different. They make you feel seen, loved, understood, and cared for. They nourish and uplift your spirit only by being around you.

5. They Are Soul-Centric, Not Ego-Centric

These people won’t be interested in pursuits that feed their egos, such as money, status, and fame. Instead, they look for ways to nurture their soul – meditation, yoga, healthy eating, reading, and so on.

6. You Both Speak The Same Language

Both of you are emotionally on the same page. You both think in the same way, and it is usual for you to finish each other’s sentences because it’s like you two share one mind.

7. You Can Be Your Raw And Authentic Self Around Them

You don’t feel the need to pretend or hide when you are with someone from your Soul Group. You can be your most vulnerable self with them because you both celebrate each other’s authenticity.

8. They Appear In Your Life When You Need Guidance The Most

This person will appear in moments when you feel like you need a major change in life; when you are not afraid to experience new things and grow beyond your current limitations. In that moment, you will attract someone from your Soul Group to give you guidance.