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8 Signs You’ve Been Reincarnated Into This Life

signs of reincarnation

The aspect of reincarnation is the basis of many religions, and as such, it stands behind the idea that our souls and consciousness are immortal and can transfer from one body to another, life after life, in order to grow and become more conscious.

How do you know if you’re reincarnated?

Both ancient and new-age spirituality are well aware of this concept of reincarnation, and the idea that it can, in fact, be one of the most certain things about spirituality is based on many cases of people remembering past lives, and the fact that consciousness does grow with every new generation.

So, how can you know if you have lived past lives and that you have been reincarnated into this life?

Here are 8 signs of reincarnation: 

1. A sense of knowing things for what they are

Learning about the world comes from a different angle for you – bearing the fact that you have most probably acquired the wisdom and knowledge of things in your past lives, only an informational trigger is enough for you to gain a profound understanding of whatever you are engaged into.

2. Heightened intuition

Your intuition is a mixture of the Infinite wisdom imparted in your soul from all of its journeys and your connection with your Higher Self which is intensified throughout various lifetimes. This intuition doesn’t allow for cheap manipulations and vapid lies.

3. Increased emotional awareness and empathy

Not only are you aware of your own emotions, but you are also highly sensitive to the emotions of others. Again, the wisdom and experience you have acquired from the past lives allow you to tap deeper into understanding the emotions and thoughts of others.

4. Bigger challenges

Of course, deeper knowledge comes with bigger challenges – as the lessons you need to learn throughout your lifetimes only become tougher and more complex. Some say that suffering and struggle is a sign of an old soul – and that note of inner sadness and longing is always playing in your heart.

5. Strange phobias

If you have a phobia of something that is unrelated to your current life, it may be that traumas from your past life may have transferred into this lifetime. And bearing in mind that we reincarnate to learn and overcome the obstacles of this dimension, it’s perfectly natural that you’ve been given that challenge to tackle – and it will stay there until you do.

6. A different kind of connection with people

There are some people to whom you feel a strong magnetism, and it doesn’t always have to be a romantic one. It could be that these people were part of your past lives at some point, and the lessons you need to learn together have extended to this lifetime.

7. A magnetism toward certain places or objects

If, for some reason, your past life holds answers to your current lessons which you need to tap into, then it might happen that you are drawn to elements and aspects that defined it. These can include places, objects, or even languages of historic importance and value, where you might have lived in the past.

8. Superior cognition

The way you perceive the world is one which includes the microverse and macroverse both at the same time. You can view things from a much more different angle because the innate wisdom is one that has been transferred through your soul’s journey. Of course, it’s all meant for the next lessons you need to learn in this lifetime, and as much it’s a privilege, possessing such perception can prove to be one of the greatest challenges you’ve ever faced.

Can you relate to these things? We are all at a different stage of spiritual consciousness and it’s perfectly natural. Being an old soul is both a blessing and a challenge that younger souls cannot even comprehend.

Whatever the case, never miss the opportunities that life brings to you, and never avoid the challenges that make it for what it is – we are here to learn and evolve!