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8 Simple And Useful Psychology Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Paulo Coelho says: Each human being is unique, each with their own qualities, instincts, forms of pleasure, and desire for adventure.  Yet, psychologists have discovered behavioral patterns that can be applied to the general population and that are thought to be rooted in our childhood.

And for the record, none of these tricks are intended to influence or manipulate people. Instead, these simple, and yet, awesome tricks will help you gain important advantages in different areas of your life.

They’ll help you improve your communication skills and leave a good first impression on the people you meet. They’ll also help you learn what affects human behavior and they’ll enable you to have more control over potential outcomes in any social situation.

Moreover, each of these hacks is very easy to implement in everyday life. They don’t require any special amount of time or effort and they simply work on everybody. The only thing you need to do is remember them.

So, here they are:

1. If you want to find out whether a person likes you, all you have to do is choose a word and every time they use the same or a synonymous word, nod and give them a smile. If they really like you, they’ll begin using that word more often during the conversation.

2. Do you want people to believe you and take you seriously? Well, then, when you share something with them, say that your father/mother taught this to you. People believe in the words of wisdom parents hand down to their children. So, you can be sure they won’t doubt your judgment.

3. Have you ever wished you didn’t have to wait in line in banks or that the bus station wasn’t that crowded in the morning? I’m sure you have and I also know how annoying that can be.

Well, if you want to clear your path in crowded, busy places, never look at the people surrounding you or at your phone. Instead, look directly in front of you, irrespective of the direction you’re going.  

You’ll be amazed to see people making an effort to give way to you. Are you wondering why this is so? Well, the reason is that in busy areas people tend to look at your eyes so that they can see where your eyes are focused, and they naturally move out your way.

4. Do you want people to agree with you? Well, this is a piece of cake because all you need to do is nod your head while you are talking.  Nodding at the person you’re talking to is the same as saying: “Everything I’m telling you is true.”

So, since nodding is a sign of honesty, they’ll start to believe you and they’ll most likely start to nod back, and of course, agree with you.

5. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and you were unable to get rid of it? I’m sure you have … Well, there’s a way you can easily shake it off. All you have to do is think of the end of the song. Why?

Well, according to the Zeigarnik effect, we tend to remember the tasks we have left unfinished. So, if you think of the end of the song that keeps replaying over and over inside your head, the song will be complete and you’ll be able to get rid of it.

6. Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat broccoli, spinach, or you name it? Well, then, instead of asking them whether they want broccoli for lunch, ask them if they want two or four stalks of them.

In this way, you’ll make them think that they’ve made their own choice, but most importantly, they’ll eat healthy food, and of course, your plans for lunch for that day won’t fail.

7. If you thought that shaking hands is just a sign of good manners and respect towards someone, know you’re wrong. This gesture means a lot more than that. It can actually create a positive, friendly atmosphere. So, do you want to achieve the same effect?

Well, if you know that you are going to shake hands with someone for the first time, make sure your hands are warm. This will make the introduction warm as well and the other person will undoubtedly find you more pleasing and attractive.

8. If you think a person doesn’t like you and you want to be sure about it, ask them to do you a simple favor, like lending you their pen. If he/she doesn’t like you, then they won’t hesitate to tell you no.

However, asking someone to borrow their pen, pencil, magazine, or you name it is a really small favor, so it’ll be difficult for anyone to say ‘No.’ Chances are the other person will agree to do you the favor and when they see you really appreciate that, they’ll come to the conclusion that you are not a bad person after all.