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Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Home – 8 Simple Techniques

bay leaves to remove negative energy

Negative energy is not something that comes from outer space. As much as we have the power to generate positive energy, we have the same capacity of generating negative energy through our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

And the first place that will cleans all that negative energy is your living space. The energy you project will remain with you to simply repeat the process unless you take the appropriate steps to cleanse it and transform it into a place full of positivity.

There are so many ways you can cleanse your home from negative energy, and while some are extremely simple, others can be very complex. The level of consciousness you’re projecting into reality will determine your preferred method, and whichever you choose will be the best one for the energetic state of your life – have no doubt in your choices.

8 simple techniques how to remove negative energy from the home :

1. Cleaning your home thoroughly

Before you do anything, make sure your home is not dirty and cluttered. “A dirty house is the Devil’s playground,” which is especially true if you consider the incredible amounts of negative energy that it can accumulate to be the Devil itself.

Clean your house from top to bottom as if you are doing spring cleaning. Never leave a clutter and get rid of things that cause it.

2. Moving furniture

If your furniture has been where it is for too long, believe it or not, it can easily absorb the negative energy and create a negative energy ‘grid.’ Move it around the house at least once a month – even an inch will suffice to break the grid.

3. Himalayan salt lamps

Salt, being in a crystalized form, has the ability to break away any negative energy and allow for positive energy to cluster. Keeping one in your living space will not only break the negative energy, but will also introduce some negative ions which are excellent for your health.

4. Salt

Speaking of salt, salt is an excellent method for cleansing – especially if you’re doing a deep energy cleansing of your home. You can add salt in your bath to cleanse your personal energetic field, and you can sprinkle salt on your carpets and across the floor to break away the negative energy in the room.

Additionally, adding small piles of salt in each corner of your rooms and leaving it to sit overnight will break away all the negative energy that has been clustered. Leave the salt on the carpets to sit overnight as well, and vacuum clean it in the morning. Finally, discard the vacuumed salt.

5. Smudging

Smudging has been used in rituals since forever. Every religion uses some kind of smoke to invoke positive energies and break negative ones. There are so many things you can smudge your place with, white sage being one of the most powerful.

The smoke will break away any negative energy, especially that which is mostly condensed in the corners of your rooms. Additionally, you can smudge your own aura, starting from the feet, all the way to the top of your head. Make sure your windows are open, though, as too much smoke may cause you to hallucinate.

6. Wind and light

Or in other words, open windows and a lot of sunlight. These two forces are well-known for their cleansing power, being one of the purest of energies. Open your windows and let a lot of sunlight inside your home every day, especially in the morning.

7. Onion

Onion is believed to help in removing negative energy from the room, as well as fight bacteria and viruses. Cut it in small pieces and put it in a plate which you’ll leave in the room you wish to cleanse overnight. Make sure you throw the onions the following day and take the garbage out of your home.

8. Bay leaves

Bay leaves are also known to help cleansing negative energy and bring prosperity and luck in one’s home. They are also believed to possess protective abilities, so people use them by placing a bay leaf in each corner of the room, so as to ward off potential negative energy. You can also carry one in your pocket for protection.