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8 Subtle Signs A Guy Has Fallen For You


I still remember the graduation ceremony. The day when you end one chapter and open a new one of your life. I still remember the excitement and satisfaction. Yet, I also remember one moment that caught me by surprise.

While my friends and I were talking about our future plans, my best friend, who I had known for 7 years, told me he wanted to talk to me in private.

Honestly, I never thought there was something he could say or do that would take me by surprise, but here’s what happened.

After making sure that no one was around, he told me that he was going to live in England. I didn’t expect that for sure. And just as I wanted to ask him what made him make that decision and for how long he was planning to stay there, I heard “I love you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. That was the last thing I expected to hear from him. It was at that moment he told me had been having feelings for me for a long time, but he didn’t tell me because he was afraid of how I was going to react. And indeed, at that moment, I really didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t tell whether I was glad he hadn’t told me about it before or I wished he had because we might’ve had something special.

Anyway, when I look back over the time we spent together, I realize that there were some signs which showed he was interested in me that I failed to notice. And now I regret not realizing that back then.

So, don’t allow yourself to miss something that could be a great love by not noticing the signs.

Here are 8 non-verbal clues a guy has fallen for you:

1. He gets REALLY nervous in your presence.

If his voice starts trembling, he blushes, or his hands get sweaty when you two are alone, you can be sure your presence makes him nervous. And trust me, guys don’t get nervous when they’re around somebody they see as just a friend. 

2. It often seems like he has something more to say.

If you think there isn’t a guy who would be reluctant or ashamed to tell you how he feels about you, know you’re wrong. Not all guys are open and direct. Whether he’s afraid to show his feelings for you, you’re dating his best friend, or  he’s afraid how you’re going to react if he reveals his feelings for you, this guy will choose to keep his feelings to himself.

3. He treats you differently from the way he treats other girls.

He treats you with kindness and does things he doesn’t do for other girls. He buys you your favorite box of chocolates or drink because he’s made sure he remembers the things you like. Or, he never lets you pay the bill when you’re in a restaurant or a café.

And don’t be surprised when he acts like a gentleman and opens the door for you. If these things look familiar to you, you can be sure he sees you as something more than just a friend.

4. He distances himself from other girls when they’re in your presence.

When he’s in the company of other girls, including you, he’s always ready to show what girl he’s more interested in. Even if another girl is hitting on him, he’ll show he doesn’t return the feelings and he’ll never send mixed signals. All he cares about is you and he’ll make sure he distances himself completely from other girls.

5. He tries to impress you.

He acts like a macho guy when other guys are around you. He often gets protective towards you and tells you that you can always count on him. He shows that he remembers the little tidbits you tell him about your life, your interests, and your hobbies. He may even often show off how physically strong or good at playing football he is. If this is something you’ve often seen, take this as a sign that he’s so into you.

6. He seems like he’s scared to show you how he feels about certain things.

He’s reluctant to express his feelings about random things while you’re having a conversation. If you notice that he rarely complains and that most of the time he agrees with you about anything you say, chances are he’s afraid not to say anything that could make him look stupid. And if he weren’t interested in you, he wouldn’t care if or how he showed he feels about things.

7. He seems hurt when you indulge in anti-male talks.

Of course, when you criticize men’s dating habits, he feels quite uncomfortable and even hurt. One reason for this might be that he doesn’t see himself as a “typical” guy. Another one is that your words make him look inadequate and irresponsible.

8. Mutual friends often mention that you two would be a cute couple.

Chances are that he’s asked your and/or his friends to say things to you like:”Ahh, you look so sweet together. You would be a cute couple.” So, if you have the feeling that your friends are often implying you two should be together, know that they’re most probably doing him a favor.