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8 Sure Signs That Prove You’re Getting Over Your Narcissistic Ex


Breakups are an unpleasant and hard experience, but surviving a relationship with a narcissist is even harder. Dating a narcissistic person is draining. It’s painful. It feels like you’re trapped in a huge black hole with no way out.

Besides having a self-inflated image of themselves, narcissists possess highly developed manipulation skills. They’ll put on a pleasant, kind, loving face and shower you with affection and compliments so as to make you fall in love with them. But once they lure you into their trap, their manipulation games won’t stop. In fact, that’s the point where the real nightmare begins.

These emotionally unavailable, inconsiderate, conceited people will make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. They’ll make you feel inferior to and less important than them so as to boost their ego. They’ll make you seek their approval and depend on them. They’ll even make you disregard your own feelings and needs and doubt your logic and sanity.

So, if you’ve been in such draining, detrimental, unbearable relationship, but somehow managed to escape their toxic trap, let me congratulate you. You were really lucky.

Here are 8 signs you’re finally out of the toxic relationship and you’re getting over your narcissistic a**hole of an ex:

1. You easily detect false flattery.

You’re no longer fooled by sweet words and compliments. You’re no longer fooled by fake kindness and smile. You don’t allow to be manipulated by false flattery.

Now you’re wiser and aware that fake, dishonest people hide their true colors and wicked intentions behind compliments they don’t mean and grandiose promises they never intend to keep. Now, you’re able to tell when a person is genuine and completely honest with you.

2. You don’t want to contact them anymore.

You’re no longer making excuses for their lies, broken promises, and insults. You’re no longer trying to justify the way they treated you. After the breakup, it was hard for you at the beginning to resist the desire to call or text them, but now you no longer feel the urge to communicate with them. This is a sure sign you’re getting over and leaving them in your past.

3. You ignore their attempts to contact you as well.

When your narcissistic a**hole of an ex tries to crawl back into your life, you don’t feel desperate to accept them with open arms. You’re aware that they’re willing to do anything they can to lure you into their dangerous trap and therefore you maintain distance from them.

Whenever you see their name on your phone screen or their message pops up in your inbox on Facebook, you don’t feel the intense need to respond because they’re history. Yes, you’re definitively over them.

4. You’re flourishing in life without their control.

While you were in the relationship, the only thing you cared about was to take care of their needs and make them happy. But, now that you’re finally out of that vile, toxic cycle, you’re able to regain control over your life.

You make your feelings, needs, and desires your main priority. You don’t modify your decisions and interests according to their preferences. You have a lot of time to focus on improving yourself both personally and professionally and pursuing your goals and dreams.

5. You have even started sharing your experience with others in similar situations.

This is a sure sign that not only have you regained your own sense of self and saved yourself from their wicked claws, but you have also begun helping others with similar experiences.

It’s important to you to help those people through their hard times and inspire them with your own experience to regain control over their life and move on.

6. Your overall health has improved.

While you were in the relationship, you were used to feeling stressed out and anxious all the time. The chances are all this had a detrimental effect on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. But now that’s all gone.

You feel fresh, calm, and confident. Your mind is no longer struggling with doubts and negative thoughts. You no longer doubt your self-worth. You feel much better and finally, your gorgeous smile is back. Congratulations, you managed to heal on your own.

7. You don’t give a damn if they date someone else.

You don’t care about what’s going on in their life, and you definitely don’t give a damn about their relationship status. Stalking them on the social media is totally out of the question.

If you find out that they’re dating someone else, you won’t feel jealous, sad, or hurt. Hell, no! Instead, you’ll feel sorry for their poor new prey because you know what will happen to them soon. And one thing’s for sure – you’ll never be their victim again.

8. Your life is finally about you.

You know you’re over your narcissistic ex when you have found yourself. You’ve started taking things under your own control. You’re the one who decides how you’re going to spend the day, where you’ll go at the weekend, or whether you’ll eat fruit salad or burger for breakfast. You don’t let anyone dictate the course of your life.

You feel free to express your feelings and share your opinions with others. You’re living your life to the fullest.

8 Sure Signs That Prove You’re Getting Over Your Narcissistic Ex