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8 Things A Tough And Self-Respecting Woman Will Never Put Up With In A Relationship

Things A Tough And Self-Respecting Woman Will Never Put Up With In A Relationship

Congratulations! You’ve found yourself a tough alpha woman. So, now that you’ve entered a relationship with a fierce, smart, and independent lady, your most important next step is to find ways how to keep her in your life for good.

You’ll need to let her be herself around you. You’ll need to give her space to do her own things at her own pace. Because this woman knows what she wants in life and how she deserves to be treated in a relationship. So, remember – try to manipulate her or lie to her and she won’t think twice about cutting you off right away.

Here are 8 things she’ll never put up with:


If there is one essential thing you need to do when you are in a relationship with a tough, self-respecting woman, that is to give up the idea that you can have control over her. This kind of woman is independent and wild. She can’t be tamed.

So, don’t even think for a moment that you can tell her what she can do, where she can go, or whom she can hang out with. No matter how much you try, she’ll never allow you to control her actions. She’ll never let you take away her freedom.


A smart, tough, self-respecting woman knows her worth more than anything else. In addition, she never behaves like she thinks she’s smarter and better than everyone else. Instead, she treats others with respect and dignity and values other people’s opinions.

So, when you disrespect her opinion or try to undermine her intelligence, achievements, or successes, know that she simply won’t tolerate this. She’ll see this as a sign that you’re a shallow, insolent jerk.


A tough, smart, and driven woman knows what she wants in life and how to get it. But, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want her partner to support her goals and ambitions.

She wants to be with someone who will believe in her as much as she does. Someone who will believe in her ability to achieve anything she sets her mind to. Someone who will encourage her to fulfill her dreams regardless of how impossible they may appear.


If her answer to your question is NO, then make sure you stick to it. Don’t try to make her change her mind or talk her into doing something she doesn’t want to.

Because a tough, independent, and self-respecting lady will never break under your manipulation. She’ll never do anything which is opposed to her own beliefs, principles, and values. She’ll never let you disrespect her boundaries.


Unless she has something valuable and useful to share with you, trust me – she won’t open her mouth. So, if she notices that you don’t pay attention to her when she talks to you, if she notices that what she has to say doesn’t matter to you, she’ll see this as an obvious sign that she doesn’t matter to you, too.


Congratulations, you’ve won a strong woman’s heart. But, know that if you’re not wearing your heart on your sleeve, she’ll be quick to walk away.

If you aren’t showing your feelings for her, if you aren’t showing your love for her through both words and actions, and if you’re not showing her your vulnerable sides, don’t doubt you’ll lose her.


If there’s one thing a tough and self-respecting woman can’t stand, that’s LIES. She values honesty a lot and that’s why she always tells it like it is.

This woman will tell you the truth no matter how cruel or painful it might be. Yes, she’d rather hurt your feelings telling you the ugly truth than lie to you.

So, if she notices that you’re trying to lie to her, even over something small and unimportant, she’ll make it clear to you that she has no intention of putting up with your bullsh*t.


Of course, it’s normal and understandable to sometimes fail to keep a promise. But if you’re constantly making excuses, then get prepared to part ways with her.

Because a strong, self-respecting lady accepts apologies, but she also knows when one doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. She knows when it’s time for her to walk away.