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8 Things Strong Women Don’t Give A Damn About

8 Things Strong Women Don’t Give A Damn About

1. They don’t give a damn about haters.

Oh, you’re still talking sh*t about her behind her back? Go on.

A grown ass woman is smart enough to avoid you, and she is strong enough to move on with her life. She values herself highly and doesn’t allow your bad rumors affect her self-image.

You’ll not break her heart by throwing some poisonous words about her. You can’t piss her off. You’re meaningless just like your words and actions are. Accept that.

2. They don’t give a damn about showing their true face.

Let all the masks fall off! Strong women will let you see their true face. No masks, no hidden emotions, no lies. Bloody brilliant! If she is sad, she’ll be sad- if she’s happy, she is; mad? -you’ll see that as well.

They have nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. Strong women accept who they are and enjoy being real in front of everyone.

3. They don’t give a damn about what majority say or do.

A strong woman is the creator of her own rules and she plays by them. She firmly believes in them. Strong women don’t accept what majority impose on them just because they think it’s the right thing.

Strong women have their own bunch of thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and stick to them. Why would someone accept something just because the majority wants that? Gosh. The majority cannot be always right.

4. They don’t give a damn about the past.

Let the past be where it needs to be, just like strong women do, for God’s sake! There is a good reason why the past is there, and every grownup women know that.

That’s why they live in the present moment. Now.

5. They don’t give a damn about fashion trends.

So, you say, high heels are “in” this season? Crap. She’ll wear her sneakers.

In other words, if a strong woman doesn’t like or feel comfortable wearing it, she won’t do it. Period. She won’t let the influence of fashion affect her style and comfort.

She’s not a follower but a creator.

6. They don’t give a damn if they don’t get support.

Strong women are independent. They learned how to trust, lean on, and take care of themselves.

A strong woman will fight her battles and do it graciously. Not expecting anything from anyone.

7. They don’t give a damn about being nice all the time.

She’ll bump straight into your face what you deserve to hear. Don’t mess around with her.

“Thank you”, “Please” and “Sorry” are powerful words. However, a strong woman is aware of their overuse.

8. They don’t give a damn about social networks.

Strong women are aware of their own capabilities. They are not worried why someone might befriend them on Facebook or why that guy didn’t like her photo on Instagram. They don’t wait around like sad lost puppies to get likes on their posts.

They just don’t do it. Instead, they are more connected to their real life.

Strong women are damned alpha-women. Enjoy their presence in your life…and

Let Them Go Wild.

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