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8 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Empath


Ah, empaths – those highly sensitive, magical, mysterious creatures! You get never bored loving them! They place themselves so easily under your skin and bring you on your knees. Without you even noticing it. Their soul is pure, their thoughts peaceful and wild, and even before you blink, they get your heart.

No, you still have no idea how to love them. Has Cupid’s arrow hit your heart so fast so you feel confused now?

Don’t worry, the following 8 things will help you on how to understand and love an empath. They will show you how.

1. Empaths appreciate truth and honesty. They don’t tolerate lies. Love based on lies and fake emotions doesn’t exist in their love language. If you want to hide something from them, they will reveal you for sure.

Empaths feel what other people feel; they sense what is not being said, they are like lie detectors. Don’t lie and don’t hide your true emotions. 

Love them sincerely, from the bottom of your heart.

2. Empaths are highly-emotional. These people don’t see; they feel, and they sense everything that happens around them more than anyone else. They are like a magnet for low and high, dark and bright levels of energies which affect their mood and behavior a lot.

They get hurt and cry often. Try to empathize with their feelings. You don’t want to break their heart again, do you? 

Love them deeply, innocently, purely.

3. Empaths are imperfectly perfect in everything they say or do. They want to be attached but free; they want to get wild but sometimes that’s not what they mean.

They just need some space where they can think and get lost in their true emotions and vivid imagination. Let them explore their true feelings. Respect their alone time. 

Love them blindly

4. Empaths really need someone who can make them laugh because they get very serious often. They caught themselves over-analyzing, going into the depth of their own thoughts and feelings, as well as the emotions of the people or situations around them.

They constantly ask themselves who, what, where, when, why. Make them smile and feel alive. 

Love them playfully.

5. Empaths are greatly attached to their hobbies. Singing. Photography. Painting. Their interests are endless, and they may spend hours and hours doing them. Whatever they are passionate about, they will never give up on it. They will nurture it instead.

Empaths get easily bored of every day’s life and want to enjoy things that make them feel alive. Join or let them do what they enjoy doing the most. 

Love them with a great dose of understanding.

6. Many empaths are introverted. They feel but don’t talk about their feelings a lot. They may help many hearts to open, but the gates of their heart are heavy. They rarely let people enter them. Maybe because they’re afraid of not being hurt again. Help them open their heart and gain more trust in people.

Love them greatly.

7. Empaths are free spirits. They wander through their emotions, other people’s feelings. They are always on a world journey: physically, mentally as well. They want to meet cultures, to communicate, to feel difference. They are creative, imaginative and curious.

Take them on a travel around the whole world. And hold their hand.

Make love the greatest life adventure.

8. Empaths are very passionate. They love very strongly and deeply. They want to make people happy. They want to feel the pleasure in your eyes. Empaths are givers; they share their most intensive emotions and expect them in return. Give them a precious present: give them your time.

Love them until you breathe.

Now, you know how to love an empath. Empaths are unique. Never let them go.