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8 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For An Emotional Girl With An Anxious Mind


First of all, if you were lucky enough to meet an emotional girl who has an anxious mind, know that she’s not an ordinary girl. She stands out from the rest.

This girl has a unique heart and when she loves, she loves with every part of herself. But, you should also need to know that her anxiety is playing tricks on her mind. It makes her fight with her own conscience and feel afraid to make her own decisions.

Her anxiety makes her overthink every single step she makes. It makes her struggle to stay normal while facing the innumerable challenges and distractions that life throws her way. Her anxiety makes her feel as a captive in a black hole from where she can’t find the way out.

Loving and creating a meaningful and successful relationship with her won’t be an easy experience, but once you win her love and trust, you’ll see she was worth all the effort.

Here are 8 things you should know about her:

1. Her anxiety will sometimes make her look inconsiderate and rude.

There will be times when her anxious mind will make her look like someone who doesn’t care about anything. She even feels uncomfortable when your eyes meet. So, she tends to look away because she feels she’ll get a panic attack.

You need to understand that when she appears mean and rude, that’s not who she really is. Her anxiety makes her behave like that. That’s something beyond her control. In these moments, try not to lose your temper. Instead of that, let her know she means the world to you. You can be sure she’ll appreciate that a lot.

2. But in fact, she’s fragile like a rose petal on a cold December morning.

Although she often appears tough and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, she is actually fragile. Everything related to you, even the smallest details, matter to her.

She has extraordinary powers of perception which make her take things too seriously. Moreover, she’s in a complex state of mind where thoughts just keep appearing and it’s very difficult for her to control them.

She can also come up with hundreds of scenarios in her mind if you say or do something that looks suspicious to her. That’s why you need to be patient and gentle with her.  You need to gain her trust completely so that she knows there’s nothing she has to worry about.

3. She gets emotionally attached to people easily.

When this girl finds a guy who deserves her love and trust, she tends to get attached pretty easily. You need to know that once she lets you into her heart, you’re in for good. She’ll make you her greatest priority and ensure you feel like the most loved, respected, and important person in the world.

She’s willing to give her heart full of love to someone she trusts. So, make sure you never do anything that could make her lose her trust in you. Make sure you never break her heart because it’ll be very difficult for this fragile girl to recover from the pain.

4. She tends to worry a lot.

Her anxiety makes her worry about everything 24/7. She worries about her work. She worries whether she’ll succeed completing all her daily responsibilities. She worries about the people who are important to her. There’s a chaos in her mind.

Yet, her biggest worry is you. If she notices something strange in the way you treat her, she’ll come up with a myriad of scenarios that you’re lying to and even cheating on her. So, maybe you’ll find this completely unnecessary and annoying, but she’ll often need you to reassure her.

So, let her know there’s no reason why she should worry about you and question your love for her. Show her where she stands in your life.

5. She is afraid.

She can look confident but she’s actually terrified. She’s afraid you’ll replace her with another girl because you’ll either lose interest in her or get tired of putting up with her insecurities. And losing you is her greatest fear.

Losing the person she holds dear is one of the main causes of her anxiety. Her fears are usually irrational but they make her anxiety even greater. So, make sure you dispel all her fears and never stop fighting for her because…

6….she’ll never stop fighting for you too.

Once she falls for you, you’ll become her everything. Even if the whole world is against you, she’ll bravely stand by your side and protect you. Because you mean the world to her. And she won’t let anything and anyone hurt you and take you away from her.

7. She lives by her own rules.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect or care about your feelings and opinions. The thing is, she can sometimes get stubborn and do things the way she thinks is the best for her.

While her anxious mind makes her overthink every move she makes, she’ll never agree to live or behave in her relationships in accordance with other people’s rules. Instead, she does things her own way. And what she expects you to do is to have confidence in her and support her in her decisions.

8.But when she finally lets you into her heart, she’ll love you hard and unconditionally.

When this woman loves, she loves with her heart, soul, and body. Once you win her love and trust, she’ll fully devote herself to you. You can be sure that she’ll never make you question her feelings for you. Making you feel happy and fulfilled will be her highest priority.

This girl wears her heart on her sleeve, so make sure you take care of it and never do anything that could make her lose her trust in you.

Image source: Geidiemme