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8 Top Traits That Make A Man Desirable


When I say “what makes a man desirable,” I’m not solely referring to his physical appearance or the way he smiles and flirts with women.  I’m not referring to his financial status either.

Because the truth is that a guy’s physical appearance is not the only thing that determines whether and how attractive he is. There are other traits which, I dare say, are usually overlooked, that make every man out there highly desirable.

Here they are:

1. A highly desirable man listens to you attentively.

The way a man listens to you is more important than the way he talks to you. And a desirable man always makes sure he actively and carefully listens to you. Whether you talk to him about how you spent your day or complain to him about your jealous co-worker, he pays attention to you and shows that your words have meaning for him.

2. An attractive man speaks clearly and effectively.

A highly desirable man doesn’t beat around the bush or change the meaning of words when talking to you. Instead, he expresses his feelings, opinions, ideas, intentions, and desires in a clear, effective way. He does his best to avoid confusing you and creating any misunderstanding.

3. A desirable man treats everyone with kindness.

This kind of man simply knows that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity. Therefore, he’s kind to everyone around him and he pays attention to the way he talks to others. He doesn’t want to offend anyone or hurt other people’s feelings with his words or actions, whether unintentionally or deliberately.

4. An attractive man has clear goals.

This kind of man knows what he wants in life and how to get it. He has clear goals and dreams and he is willing to invest a great amount of time and energy in accomplishing them. And most importantly, he doesn’t depend on anyone for help and support.

5. A desirable man is compassionate.

Besides being kind, a desirable man is compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and loving. He is able to relate to your feelings when you feel sad. He’s willing to offer you his help and support when you’re going through a rough time in life. He makes sure he helps you overcome your worries,  problems, or pain. He makes sure he’s always there for you when you need him.

6. An attractive man shows a strong identity and maturity.

This kind of man lives his life in accordance with his own principles and values. He doesn’t bother to fit in with the crowd. He doesn’t feel the need to be accepted by everyone around him. He knows who he is and he’s well aware of his qualities. He knows, too, that his happiness, worth, and success don’t depend on anyone, but himself.

 7. An attractive man is open-minded.

This kind of man is willing to gain new skills and broaden his life experiences. He’s willing to change his opinions, learn new things about the world around him, and gain new perspectives on life. Additionally, he respects the opinions of other people regardless of how different they are from his own.  

8. A desirable man is not afraid to leave his comfort zone.

This kind of man doesn’t let the fear of the unknown prevent him from fully living and enjoying his life. In both his personal and professional life, he’s willing to accept challenges, take risks, and gain new experiences if he thinks that this will help him get where he wants to be in life.  

8 Top Traits That Make A Man Desirable