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8 Traits Every Empath Will Try To Hide From You


We all sympathize with and feel compassion and concern for someone when they’re going through rough time or struggling with pain. But, the empath does something more than that- not only do they understand how someone feels, but they can feel their emotions and energy as if they were their own. Yet, this can be a bad thing when they’re surrounded by negative, toxic people.

An empath doesn’t need you to tell them that you’re sad, worried, or depressed – they can feel that. So, if you have an empath in your life, know that you’re lucky. That means you’ll always have someone who will understand how you feel. Someone who will understand your needs and lend you their emotional support when you need it. Someone who will always be there to listen to your problems, help you out, and ease out your troubles.

However, all this comes at a price. Due to their ability to feel and internalize other people’s emotions and energy, both positive and negative, empaths often feel exhausted and depressed. They also feel misunderstood by others and they reach a level of discomfort and even pain where they begin to hide things from the people surrounding them.

Therefore, if you know someone who is an empath, you have to pay careful attention to their behavior and show more understanding of their nature because chances are they won’t talk about their feelings and problems to you. In fact, they’ll do their best to hide them.

Here are 8 traits every empath will try to hide from you:

1. They’re highly sensitive.

Empaths are sensitive to everything that happens around them. Yet, they never show this to the people around them. And the reason they do so is that empaths feel like they have to be a source of strength for others.

They don’t want to worry other people with their problems and be a burden to them. Therefore, they hide their emotions.

2. They internalize other people’s emotions.

Maybe you don’t notice it, but when you’re happy, they’re too, and when you’re down in the dumps, yeah, they feel the same way too. Are you wondering why?

Well, empaths create such a deep emotional connection with others that they absorb their emotions and energy.

However, you’ll never hear an empath talk about this. They don’t want to be thought of as “too sensitive” or even “crazy” as some people may call them.

3. They’re introverted.

You may think that empaths, who are always engaging with other people, love being surrounded by people, but you’re wrong. Because constantly feeling and internalizing other people’s emotions exhausts and stresses them out.

Therefore, they may avoid contact with others and spend some time on their own so as to get a break and recuperate from all the overwhelming feelings and energies they feel all the time.

And yes, they participate in group activities, but there isn’t anything else they value more than their alone time – the time when they feel calm.

4. They love spending time in nature.

We all feel happy and peaceful when we’re in nature. But empaths feel this way even more intensely. And the reason is simple: spending time in nature helps them recharge their batteries and get rid of all the stress they accumulate every day in their encounters with others.

There’s nothing else that fills them with positive energy more than when they walk in the mountains, enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds, feel the gentle breeze on their skin, or just when they go for a stroll in the park.

5. They detect lies from a mile.

Empaths are the best when it comes to reading other people’s minds. They can easily detect a person’s true colors and intentions. So, if you’re planning to manipulate or lie to someone who is an empath, don’t doubt they’ll feel this even before you open your mouth.

6. They give too much.

Empaths feel a strong need to help others. Therefore, they spend a lot of time and energy taking care of other people’s needs and problems. As a result, they put aside and ignore their own feelings, thoughts, and wants, thereby harming themselves both mentally and emotionally.

Empaths are also aware that they give too much of themselves to others and receive too less. Therefore, it’s important for them to understand that they need to take care of themselves first and focus more on their emotions and needs. Because only when they do so, can they truly take care of and help others without harming their own overall well-being.

7. They’re extremely intuitive.

Empaths have a highly developed intuition and they’re in tune with it. When they need to make important decisions and choices in life, they always listen to and rely on their gut. They simply believe in what their intuition tells them and they follow it.

So, when an empath tries to warn you about something, don’t laugh at them and discard it. Instead, take it seriously.

8. They’re easy targets for negative people.

Although empaths don’t talk a lot about themselves, they’re perfectly aware of the fact that they’re an easy target for toxic, negative people.

Manipulative, phony people are attracted to empaths since they’re helping, full of understanding, and forgiving, and this makes it easier for the manipulator to get what they want from the empath.

Toxic people suck the positive energy and happiness of the empath and leave them feeling completely drained. Therefore, empaths need to be extremely careful when they get the sense that someone is trying to manipulate and take advantage of them. The best thing they could do to protect themselves is to distance themselves completely from that person.