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8 Tricks To Help You Keep The Flame Of Your Love Alive


Relationships are not always waiting for a rainbow to show up; they are learning how to dance in the rain, how to sail with a boat through the darkest windy storms.

Relationships are not easy. Not at all. They require lots of effort, understanding, compromise, mutual respect, sacrifice… However, they’re worth it. All of it.

Therefore, you should always try to keep the flame of your love alive.

Here are 8 tips to help you improve your relationship and fall in love with your partner again.

1. Do something new. Do something dangerous.

Bring some freshness in your relationship. Learn to cook delicious meals, take some guitar lessons, learn a new language.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something you have never tried before: go bungee jumping, fly with a balloon… face the fear, feel all the excitement together with your partner.

Also, try to find time for your own interests. You will feel a great amount of positive energy which will affect your relationship as well.

2. Give compliments and make surprises.

Always try to see your partner in a positive light: instead their weaknesses, focus on their strengths. Compliment each other often. Tell your partner what you love about them.

Buy them a present. Send some flowers. Organize a beautiful romantic night at home, take a plane and show up at their door without them knowing.

Whatever it is, make sure it comes from the bottom of your heart. Enjoy the attention and grow your love together.

3. Flirt with each other.

Bring some novelty in your relationship. Be playful. Send them a naughty message. Stare into each other’s eyes. Try to get their attention.

Flirt with each other like the first time you met. The power of flirt will definitely bring some excitement. Enjoy it. Have fun.

4. Sleep closer together.

According to researchers, couples who sleep closer together are more satisfied with their relationship. In other words, if you want to have a happy relationship, sleep closer to your partner.

As human beings, our skin is hungry for touch. Never underestimate the power of the snuggle. Try to get closer to your partner and see how you would feel.

5. Turn off your phone.

There’s nothing more disrespectful and impolite than focusing on your phone when your partner is next to you; being absent when you are physically present.

Therefore, stay present, listen, pay a whole attention to your partner. Enjoy every second of your “together time”.

6. Be thankful. Express gratitude.

It will improve your relationship for sure. “Thank you” are two magical words which always warm the heart.

Therefore, be grateful and let your partner know that you appreciate everything they do. Being truly noticed and appreciated is a great feeling.

7. Say what you think and feel.

Don’t keep your thoughts and feelings inside you. Let your partner know about your insecurities and deepest fears; share your emotions with them. Try to be more open.

Be careful with criticism, though. Bear in mind that words cannot be taken back. Instead of criticizing, try to be gentle and suggest another method for doing whatever it is your partner is doing.

8. Take a trip together.

To spend some time together. Far away from all the noise and stress. To relax. To escape all the boring daily routines.

Plan that trip. Take it. Enjoy it. Get closer to your partner. Wake up all the butterflies in your stomach. Fall in love with your partner again.

Image: Olli Ferretti