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There Are 8 Types Of Empaths: What Kind Of Empath Are You?


Have you ever felt that your soul or personality often attracts people that need to be helped and guided through life? And after many similar experiences, have you wondered, if that could be the true purpose of your existence?

If you’ve found yourself somewhere between these words, it’s likely you carry the psyche of an empath.

Empaths are extraordinary human beings that give an impression like they bear the weight of this world. Their souls are among us for a simple reason, to create the perfect balance in this universe.

They’re the people who care and listen to us. The people whose halo shines the brightest and attracts everyone. The ones who are well aware of the environment around them and can’t bear witnessing cruelty.

Being a deeply empathetic soul in this world has many upsides and benefits but sometimes it can seriously weigh a person down and leave them empty and disoriented.

That is why it’s very important to find a way to define and put a name to what we experience in order to understand our nature better and recognize others who share the same abilities with us.

These are 8 types of empaths that are identified everywhere around us.

1. Claircognizant Empaths

Related to clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizant is perceived as clear knowing. These kinds of special souls have the ability to simply know something, or find the suitable answer to a question that often leaves others puzzled.

Claircognizant empaths have their imaginative light bulbs easily ignited with sudden vivid ideas all the time. Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of clear-knowingness.

2. Physically Receptive Empaths

These people are known to be highly sensitive and perceptive of other people’s physical suffering. They feel our illness and physical pain. Empaths of this kind are easily exhausted around hostile people. The stress, pain, and emotions of others can be washed over them and easily manifested through the empath’s body.

3. Fauna Empaths

An empath of this kind is recognized by their ability to understand the mental state and feel the emotions of an animal to a degree where they can interact and positively influence the animal’s behavior.

Fauna empaths have a special connection with the animal world and because of that, they’re capable of picking up the energies sent off by all animals. They ‘re generally known to like animals better than people and feel a deeper mutual understanding with all animal species.

4. Geomantic Empaths

Geomantic empathy is also called environmental empathy. It represents the ability of a person to feel the presence in certain places and be miraculously drawn to them. People that are considered Geomantic Empaths can feel the sorrow or happiness a place holds.

They can be often drawn to old houses, graves, or churches without any reason. They feel the spirit of a certain location and the events that happened. This kind of empath is highly connected to the natural world and grieve the damage others inflict upon it.

If you find yourself to be a Geomantic Empath, you need to learn to recharge your batteries by spending time in nature.

5. Medium Empaths

Mediums are empaths that have established a profound connection with the deceased and the supernatural. They have the ability to hear or feel the thoughts or mental impressions of the spiritual world.

Medium Empaths are known to have an extrasensory perception of high-frequency energies that some people hold.

6. Precognitive Empaths

Precognitive Empaths have a strong sense of intuition. This type of Empath is known to have a future vision about events that are bound to eventually happen. Precognition is having the ability to foretell an upcoming situation. The power to have a glance at something that isn’t even there and predict it.

These future occurrences are most likely presented to them through their dreams. They dream of their realities. You could say they’re even the creators of their realities.  

The dreams they experience could be of two types: The ones where they can exactly see what’s going to happen and the ones that hold signals relevant to some future events.

7. Telepathic Empaths

The Telepathic Empath holds the power of reading and deciphering someone’s unexpressed thoughts.

8. Psychometric Empaths

This kind of empathy is shown in the ability of a person to receive energy, memories and significant information from physical objects such as jewelry, clothing, photographs.

Having and nurturing these abilities will often leave an Empath to feel worn out and exhausted.  However, it’s very important to acknowledge that the extraordinary abilities these people cultivate are making this world flourish.


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