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8 Types Of Hugs And What Each Means For Your Relationship


Sometimes, there is no better feeling than getting a comforting hug from your partner. Hugs do strengthen our intimate relationships and make us happier, healthier, and more peaceful.  (1)

Here are 8 types of hugs that partners exchange and what they mean when it comes to your relationship.

1. The Hug at The Waist

Even if your partner hasn’t said ‘I love you yet, this hug speaks for itself. It is a very intimate hug that tells you that your partner loves spending as much time with you as possible. With this hug they are saying that you are ‘theirs’ and they don’t want to let you go.

2. The Hug from Behind

This hug means ‘I am there to protect you.’ With this hug, your partner is showing their love for you and how special you are to them.

3. The Hug While Looking into Their Partner’s Eyes

This hug spells a deep and intimate connection between you two. They love you, they want you, they don’t want to be without you. Hold onto this relationship! (2)

4. The Naughty Hug

This is a hug that means lust. If your partner’s hand is slowly traveling down your back, this means that they clearly are attracted to you and want to get some bedroom action.

5. The ‘London-Bridge’ Hug

This is a hug where your partner hugs you with their hands, but their body is distant from you. This is a cold hug and it means that you partner probably doesn’t have feelings for you.

6. The Strong Hug

If your partner gently strokes your back while hugging you strongly and firmly, you’ve found yourself a keeper. Someone who is not only in love with you, but someone who also cherishes you and protects you. Someone who wants to build a future with you. Congratulations!

7. The One-Handed Hug

If a guy embraces you with their one hand and pulls you close to him, then that means that he is taking you under his wing and wants to protect you and be there for you. However, if you are a guy, and a girl hugs you in this way, it means that she considers you as a friend only.

8. The Hug That Lasts and Lasts…

This type of hug lasts and lasts without partners having to say anything. It is a powerful expression of love and affection and no words are needed. If you have a partner who hugs you like this, know that they won’t give up on you and the love you two share.

8 Types Of Hugs And What Each Means For Your Relationship