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8 Types Of People You Need To Completely Avoid


These people can come in all shapes and sizes: The Complainers. The Gossipmongers. The Hypocrites. “The Victims.” You name it. Spending even a small amount of time with them will inevitably stress you out and drain your energy and happiness.

They may not necessarily be bad people, but the way they treat you can make you question yourself and your abilities and weaken your confidence. One common characteristic of these people is that they want to look smarter and more important than you. To achieve that, they won’t be reluctant or ashamed to undermine the importance of your achievements or problems, criticize you for your actions, lie to you, and the list goes on.

To avoid falling into their trap, you need to be able to recognize the warning signs of their negative and inconsiderate behavior.

Following is a list of the 8 types of people and their behavior you need to completely avoid:

1. The judgmental ones.

Whether it’s the way you walk, talk, the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, or your job, this type of people always finds a reason to judge you. When they judge you openly, it’s easier for you to identify what kind of person you’re dealing with. Yet, oftentimes, they do that behind your back. They praise and admire you in your presence, but as soon as you leave, you become the main target of their gossip.

2. The boastful ones.

These people can spend a whole day bragging about their accomplishments and emphasizing how successful and proud of themselves they are. In this way, they’re compensating for their own flaws. Because they’re unable to accept and cope with their failures, they’ll go on and on boasting about themselves and the things they’ve done so as not to look incompetent or inferior to you.

3. Those who don’t listen to you while you talk.

These people neither want nor try to carefully listen to you when you’re having a conversation. They believe that what they have to say is more important than your opinions and ideas, so they’re always ready to interrupt you in the middle of a sentence and change the topic of discussion. They especially do this, when they don’t have anything smart to say or they lack knowledge about a given topic.

Oftentimes, they don’t pay attention to what you’re talking about because all they care about is just to give you a quick response and then make themselves the main topic of discussion, thereby redirecting the whole attention to themselves.

4. “The Victims.”

These people will stop at nothing to be the center of attention. And if they haven’t achieved any kind of success that could bring them into focus, they’ll play the victim role so as to make you feel compassion for them. You’ll often hear them saying things like: “This always happens to me.” Or “You don’t know how lucky you are, for not having to endure the problems I’m going through.” How lame, right?

Moreover, they never take responsibility for their actions. When the bad things happening to them are actually their own fault, they put the blame on you. By making you appear irresponsible and guilty, they always manage to look like the “good guys.”

5. The critics.

To make themselves appear smarter and better than you, they always criticize you. Whatever you say or do, they always make it look wrong and never good enough. You can get promoted or achieve an important personal or professional goal, but they’ll always be there to tell you: “But how did you get promoted so easily? Oh, you were so lucky. Your boss must have been in good mood.”

Additionally, they don’t show any consideration for you even when you’re going through difficult times. Instead of helping or encouraging you, they make you feel even worse.

6. The hypocrites.

These people will say they’re the kindest, most compassionate,  generous, and honest people you’ll ever meet, and then immediately do something that’s completely opposite to this. For example, if you’re feeling upset or going through difficult times, they’ll try to convince you that they “honestly” want to help and encourage you.

Yet, if you accept their help or advice, they’ll find a way to make you look incapable, useless, and unworthy. Although they’re aware that in this way they’ll break your confidence or even your hopes, they won’t give it a second thought because making themselves look superior and better than you is the only thing that matters to them.

7. Those who complain about everyone and everything.

It seems that nobody and nothing can make this kind of people happy. All the people they know are self-absorbed and liars, all birthday parties are too long and too boring. Even the kindest and most honest people aren’t good enough to satisfy and make them happy. They’ll always have something negative to say about others and complain about how tough their life is.

8. The “your secret is safe with me” kind of people.

This type of people knows that you’ll tell them your secrets if you have confidence in them. So, to gain your trust, this person will try to assure you that they’re your friends and they only want the best for you. Of course, this is only a mask behind which they hide their true intentions. As soon as you let them in your secrets, especially if they’re pretty intimate or shameful, they’ll make sure the whole city knows about them. To make themselves look flawless, they won’t think twice before they tarnish your reputation, even if that means hurting your feelings.