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8 Signs Someone You’re Dating Truly Cares About You

signs someone cares about you

Okay, so, you’re dating someone but are still unsure whether they’re really into you. I understand you perfectly. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell whether someone really cares about you, or they’re just pretending to be nice.

“Does the person I’m dating truly care about me?” Well, if you keep asking yourself this question, then you’re just in the right place.

Here are 8 signs to show you whether the person you’re with cares about you:

1. They always have time for you.

A person who really cares about you will actually make time for you, even when it seems to be impossible. No excuses. Nobody is that busy to go for a cup of coffee or reply to a text message! People make time for those who matter to them. If you feel you’re their top priority and they can’t wait to see you, there’s no doubt they care about you.

2. They keep in touch.

Yes, we all have tons of obligations and stuff we must do; however, that doesn’t mean we should break the communication and disappear for days! Those who care about you know the importance of daily communication: a text message, call, lunch with you on their work breaks…If a person truly cares about you, they will keep communicating with you.

3. They respect your opinions.

If you want to say something, they’ll listen to you and take your opinion into consideration. They may not agree with certain thoughts but will definitely always respect your point of view. Moreover, they’ll ask for your opinion or advice and genuinely value it. Respect means you matter to them.

4. When you feel bad, they cancel plans to stay with you.

That’s right. People show how much they care about you when you’re in trouble and pain, not in joy. If they share your sufferings and are with you through thick and thin, you can count on them as they genuinely care about you.

5. They’re proud and protective of you.

A person who cares about you pushes you to achieve your own goals. They celebrate and are proud of your achievements. They’re proud of you being their partner! And when I say “protective”, of course, I don’t mean your partner will go beat up every person who looks at you! But they will defend you in front of other people and won’t let them talk bad about you.

6. They share their deepest secrets and fears with you.

When they talk about their secrets and fears and have no problems to show their vulnerable side, they trust you. A person who cares about you won’t hide behind a mask; they will want you to know what they think, how they feel… everything about them. Therefore, it’s not just a casual dating. It’s much more than that, you can be sure.

7. They introduce you to their family and friends.

These people are the most important to them. When they want you to meet them, it means they want to include you in all areas of their life and they’re serious about your relationship.

8. Their actions speak louder than their words.

They don’t only say they love you but prove their words. A person who really cares about you is kind, honest, and cares about your well-being. They make sacrifices for you, they can’t stay mad at you.

If you’re dating someone like this, keep them close because they truly care about you.