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8 Undeniable Signs Your Partner Truly Loves You


There isn’t a guaranteed way to tell if your beloved really loves you. However, you should know that there are certain key traits in your partner’s behavior that can help you measure the intensity of their feelings for you.

For your relationship to be meaningful and successful, both you and your partner need to feel that you’re loved and respected. How you spend time together and how much you trust and respect each other are things that show if your feelings are reciprocated or not. Although every person expresses their love in their own ways, i.e. differently from others, it’s important to know if they honestly love you or they’re just temporarily infatuated with you.

If your partner does most or all of the following 8 things, you can be sure that they truly love you.

Here they are:

1. They enjoy spending time with you.

If your partner spends good quality time with you because they really love that, and not because they feel obligated to it, take this as a sign that their feelings about you are honest and deep. We all have daily responsibilities and tasks we have to fulfill, but if your beloved really holds you dear, they’ll always be willing to go out of their way and make time for you.

2. They trust you.

A partner who is honestly in love with you will never doubt you. They’ll never go through your belongings or make you feel as if you’re stalked by them. You’ll never feel under pressure that you constantly have to inform them about your whereabouts and who you hang out with. This kind of a partner completely trusts you because you’ve often proved that you deserve their trust and nothing less than that.

3. They frequently show their feelings of affection and love for you.

A partner who truly cares about you will be never ashamed or reluctant to show how much they love you. A soft kiss on the lips, a gentle touch on your hand, or an affectionate and comforting hug will undoubtedly make you feel their love. They will be kind and sweet to you and often tell you how grateful they are for having such a smart, beautiful, and amazing person in their life. By the way they cuddle with and look at you, you’ll be always able to feel the special connection and closeness between you.

4. They respect you and your opinions.

Just because you’re a couple, it doesn’t mean that you have to share the same ideas and views.  If your partner truly loves you, they’ll always listen to you carefully and show understanding and respect for your opinions, no matter how different they’re from their own. You’ll never hear from them something like: “Well, if you believe that the current Government is better than the previous one, you’re so amenable and stupid.”

5. They never make decisions without you.

This kind of a partner always asks for your input on decisions, no matter if they’re related to some trivial or very important and serious things. Your opinion matters too. They’ll never decide to change their job,  move house, or spend a lot of money on something without asking for your opinion on that first. They find you as their equal and don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t include you in decisions.

6. They defend you when others criticize you.

A partner who really loves you will never let anyone discourage you or hurt your feelings. They’ll never be afraid to stand up for you and oppose someone who will try to insult and criticize you or downplay your importance. If someone belittles or laughs at you and your partner simply loses it, you can be sure that you occupy a really important place in their heart.

7. They boost your self-confidence.

A partner who cares about you does their best to make you feel good about yourself.  They know your flaws, insecurities, and fears, but they never make you feel ashamed or unworthy because of them. They always praise you for your accomplishments and success and show how proud of you they are. Additionally, they’re always there to comfort and support you when you fail to achieve your goals and to encourage you to never try fighting because they know how capable and smart you are.

8. They love reliving pleasant memories from your past.

What other proof do you need to know that your beloved is head over heels in love with you? Your partner enjoys talking with you about all those enjoyable moments and great stories that you experienced together in the past. Reminiscing about the first day you met, your first date nights, summer holidays, birthdays, and the list goes on is what fills both of you with pleasure and warmth and makes your relationship meaningful, alive, and full of positive energy.