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8 Unexpected Traits Only Highly Intelligent People Possess


How can you tell whether a person is intelligent?  This is certainly not an easy question and everyone has a different opinion.

Thus, some may say that intelligence means being knowledgeable about everything. Others may say that intelligence is an ability you’re born with. And there are others who think that you can “increase” your IQ levels over time and that intelligence is usually measured by how creative you are.

But, intelligence doesn’t always show itself in these ways. Sometimes it manifests itself in unexpected manners – ones that we almost never associate with someone who is bright.

Oftentimes, those people who are proficient in one form of intelligence are lacking in others. For example, a brilliant mathematician may not be so good at literature or art while a distinguished artist may possess great knowledge in science.

However, there are few lucky people around the world who have somehow tapped into many or all realms of intelligence. These people possess certain characteristics that others almost never relate to their intellectual abilities.

Here are 8 unexpected traits only highly intelligent people have:

1. They’re open-minded.

People who possess high IQ levels understand that to hold firm to their beliefs means to limit their thoughts and abilities. Therefore, they’re prone to changing their thoughts and opinions.

They’re known to form strong beliefs, yet they always make sure they stay away from rigidity and stay open to new ideas and possibilities.

2. They never hurry.

When they have to make a decision or solve a problem, highly intelligent people take as much time as they need to sort things out in their heads first.

Before saying something, they think deeply and take into account whether it’s morally and socially acceptable, whether it’s important and it’ll contribute in some way to the conversation, and whether or not they feel ready to deal with other people’s reaction to it.

3. They don’t care about fitting in with the crowd.

Highly intelligent people base their opinions and decisions on information and fact and not on what the crowd thinks because they know the crowd can often be wrong.

This doesn’t mean they don’t take other people’s opinions into consideration, but they’ll never allow what others think and say interfere with their beliefs, attitudes, decisions, and actions.

4. They participate only in meaningful conversations.

People with high IQ don’t waste time on small talk and gossip. They simply don’t feel the need to speak or do things just to get other people’s attention or fill the awkward silence. Therefore, unless they have something good, meaningful, and helpful to say, they won’t participate in a conversation.

They want their words to benefit and help others, but if they don’t have anything helpful and important to say, they’ll be happy in silence.

5. They know everyone makes mistakes.

A truly intelligent person understands that no one is flawless and that even the best of us can sometimes make a mistake. Therefore, they never act like their opinion or attitude is always the right one. Instead, they admit when they’ve made a mistake or they’re wrong.

In addition, they’re not ashamed to apologize to the person to whom they did wrong. They understand that owning up to your mistakes and wrongdoings is an important step to becoming a mature, responsible, wise person.

6. They trust their gut.

Truly intelligent people understand that our instincts exist for a good reason. They can provide us with great, useful hints for life. Therefore, they often rely on their intuition. They base their decisions and actions on their gut feelings, and they’re rarely wrong about this.

7. They know actions are more important than words.

Instead of wasting their time overanalyzing their problems and doing nothing, truly intelligent people make sure they take action to overcome them. They focus their energy on making plans and looking for solutions to whatever is bothering them.

They understand, too, that if they want to see some progress, they’ll often have to leave their comfort zone, take risks, and react.

They never wait for someone else to solve their problems, fulfill their tasks, or chase their dreams.

8. They don’t let their emotions affect their actions.

A highly intelligent person doesn’t let their strong, negative emotions get the best of them. They do whatever they can to stay calm and collected in emotional situations. They understand that if you allow your strong emotions to affect your thoughts and behavior, other people can get upset, angry, and hurt.

Therefore, when you get worried or angry, make sure you stay relaxed and don’t take anything personally. Instead, rely on logic and facts. This is how you’ll avoid hurting other people and making the situation worse.