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8 Unique Ways The Broken Girl Loves Differently

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They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If you look a little bit deeper in the eyes of the beautiful, broken girl, you’ll see two things: beauty that comes from her soul and sadness because she dated men whom she wholeheartedly loved and trusted and they broke her heart. She loved men who took her for granted and told her that she wasn’t good enough.

And all these past relationships have left deep emotional scars – scars that are still not fully healed and she’s doing her best to hide. Yet, she wears them proudly.

But, this girl has fought off heartbreak and pain to get where she is today. And although her scars may not yet be fully healed, she’s still able to love deeply and unconditionally. This rare gem is something to be treasured because she loves differently compared to the rest … and this is how she does that:

1. She’s aware of her strength.

If there’s one thing she learned in her life (although the hard way), that is how to be strong. This girl was ignored, humiliated, and hurt so many times. Yet, she managed to find the strength within herself to pick herself up after each time.

As a result, today she’s tougher and more resilient than ever before. Today she’s more aware of her courage and abilities, and she knows that if she believes in and fights for herself, she’ll be able to overcome any difficult challenge and pain life sends her way.

2. She keeps her guard up.

This girl understands well how bad it hurts when the person you love the most betrays your trust. She gave her heart away too easily and quickly only to see it getting broken into countless tiny pieces.

That’s why it’ll take her a while before she feels comfortable enough to let her guard down and open up to you. And trust me, when she does that, you’ll realize she was worth the wait.

3. Once she begins to trust you, she’ll share her story with you.

Once you gain her trust and let her know that you care about her, she’ll tell you everything about the heavy burden she’s been carrying all this time. She’ll tell you all about the hell she went through and about the times she felt desperate and lost and thought that she’d never be able to love and be loved again.

She’ll feel free and comfortable to tell you what she had to go through to become the strong, confident woman she is today.

4. She’s challenging.

Being in a relationship with this kind of girl will definitely not be a smooth ride, you should always bear that in mind. You may feel like each new day is a new battle and you may often think about giving up on her.

But, if you decide to be there for her on the bad days and lift her up when she’s at her lowest, you’ll realize the ways this woman is capable of loving. You’ll realize how tender, compassionate, and committed she is and how hard she can fight for you. You’ll realize that this woman is a real keeper.

5. She knows what extreme happiness feels like.

A girl like this knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom and feel hopeless. She knows what it’s like to cry all night long and desperately wish to see, touch, or just hear the voice of the person you love the most, but who didn’t bother breaking your heart.

But, thanks to these hard times, she’s learned to recognize genuine happiness. She’s able to find joy even in the most ordinary moments of everyday life. She wakes up with a smile on her face every morning and feels thrilled to start the day ahead of her.

This girl knows how to look into your eyes and see beauty and feel happy and peaceful at the same time. And she definitely knows the joy of sharing her happiness with the person who means the world to her.

6. She needs little to feel happy.

Just a smile, a hug, a kiss, a flower, or hearing those three powerful words I love you can make her feel happy. She doesn’t need you to take her to stylish restaurants or buy her expensive gifts to feel good and emotionally fulfilled. She doesn’t need you to post selfies of you two on Facebook, showing everyone how happy you’re together so that she feels loved.

This girl understands that it is through those seemingly unimportant, little things in everyday life that you show you truly love and care about someone.

7. She knows how to fight for you.

Quitting is a term that doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. This girl is a warrior and she’ll do her best to protect you from anyone and anything in every way she can. She’ll go out of her way to make you happy, even if that means sacrificing her needs and happiness.

This woman is not afraid to stand up for those who occupy a special place in her heart – and you’re one of them.

8. She’s not afraid of love.

Although her heart was broken many times, she still believes in love. She’s not afraid to love and be loved. She doesn’t fear to wear her heart on her sleeve and undress her soul in front of the man she truly loves and trusts.

The only thing she’s afraid of is that you will not love her back.