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8 Signs An Introvert Secretly Likes You

signs an introvert loves you

Many picture introverts as shy, closed inside, and anti-social. While they may be true up to a point, it is so because they don’t like socializing with just anyone, and they don’t prefer opening up to people until they have started trusting them.

And when they get to like someone, introverts do things that only they know how to do. If an introvert likes you, you will see some very cute actions, reactions, and a very gentle behavior.

Here are 8 signs an introvert secretly likes you: 

1. Making the first move

Introverts don’t usually like taking the first step when they want to get to know someone. However, if an introvert does make the first move, trying to get your attention and start a conversation, you can be certain that they’re into you.

2. Opening up

It’s really hard for an introvert to open up. They usually prefer to stay in their safe zone and it takes time for them to gather the courage to crack the shell in which their true Self lies. If an introvert starts talking to you about themselves without being forced to, it’s definitely a sign they’re interested in you.

3. Talking about personal topics

Even if introvert talks to people, they usually prefer to stick to general topics and avoid talking about personal topics. However, if one starts revealing their interests, likes, dislikes, and feelings, it means that they find it comfortable to be around you.

4. Revealing their secrets

Having an introvert reveal a secret of theirs is like cracking a high-security safe. However, if they open that safe up for you, it means that they truly see the good in you and aren’t afraid of sharing whatever is lying deep inside.

5. Inviting you to their personal space

The personal space for the introvert is their temple, they like to keep it calm, and never let people intrude it. Well, not never – if they truly enjoy your company, they will be happy to invite you over and they will enjoy sharing that personal space with you.

6. Going the extra mile

Introverts are helpful people, but they don’t usually rush into helping everyone at that same moment – they take their time. If, however, you notice an introvert trying to help you out with things without any request on your behalf, they are definitely into you.

7. Showing extra care

Introverts don’t feel very comfortable showing care about people, as they are usually closed down inside. They only show extra care to people they truly consider close. Then, they become especially attentive and extremely loyal, and this is a sign that they see you as one who is part of their inner circle.

8. Keeping in touch – constantly

An introvert won’t bother keeping in touch with someone they don’t consider close. In fact, it’s an utter nightmare for them to talk with people all the time – except when it comes to people who matter to them. If you see an introvert trying to constantly keep in touch with you, you know they see you as a special person to them.