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8 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With A Narcissist


This world…This world is full of hypocrites, liars, miserable, selfish people who pretend to be what they aren’t. Dangerous people. Unable to love. Psychopaths. Narcissists.

Narcissists…  Narcissists will go to the extreme to satisfy their needs. They will create a hell of your life enjoying their heaven in it. Leaving a total mess, painful tears, suffering.

Narcissists are everywhere. We never know when they may cross our path. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to recognize them.

Here are 8 signs of a narcissist that will help you detect these sneaky manipulative creatures.

1. They believe the whole world revolves around them.

You cannot compare with a narcissist. You are the pawn, they are the king. Narcissists will show you that they are the smartest, hottest people who walk on the earth. They think they know everything.

Moreover, they seek constant attention and admiration. Everyone needs to adore them. They are so full of themselves that they believe the whole world needs to serve and honor them because they are so special and unique. Yes, narcissists suffer from such an illusion.

2. They never apologize.

These magnificent creatures are never wrong. Narcissists do only right things. Why should they apologize to you for that?

A narcissist will harm you in so many ways, but they will be blinded by their sense of superiority. Therefore, they will never admit and accept their mistakes. Moreover, they will blame you for not understanding them.

3. They don’t care about your feelings.

Narcissists can’t empathize. They’re so self-centered that there is no space about you in their narcissistic world. They care only about their desires and needs.

A narcissist will have a hard time listening to you, but they will be happy to talk and talk about their achievements for hours. Even though they have never really achieved anything.

4. They are overly sensitive to criticism.

If there is something in this world a narcissist hates the most, that would be your “harsh” words bumped on their sensitive face. When you try to tell them that their behavior is not acceptable, narcissists think you’re against them.

They take everything personally. Even your good will to help them is considered an attack. They can’t stand to hear the truth.

5. They are jealous.

Jealous of people they have never met personally, their enemies, friends…they are even jealous of their partner, family. Narcissists can’t stand your success. The world is supposed to admire them, remember?

They will never admit their need to possess everything they want: power, better status, things…people. A narcissist will never admit their jealousy.

6. They are manipulators.

Narcissists will make a lot of effort to get to know your inner world, weaknesses, your secrets. They will be your ear and a helping hand just to make sure you get comfortable to trust them.

After they get under your skin, they will use all your insecurities and flaws against you, to get what they want. Without any mercy.

7. They are in love with their physical appearance.

Narcissists want to shine with their self-confidence. Therefore, they’re obsessed with their physical appearance. A narcissist believes that looking attractive will help them achieve some of their goals.

Narcissists use their attractiveness as a weapon to control some people. They think there is nothing wrong with narcissism, so there is no reason for them to hide it.

8. They are capable of everything.

Narcissists have goals and plans. Always. Remember that. If they need you to achieve them, they will show you their angelic face. A narcissist will be gentle, sweet, and charming, seductive, with puppy eyes.

Their shining aureole will glow from miles. Dare to say “No” to them and you will see how this aureole fades away, changing into horns. They will be ready to destroy you.

Keep these things in mind, don’t fall into the illusion that you can change them.

Run, my friend! Save yourself before it’s too late.