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8 Ways Only Empaths Love Differently


Falling in love sounds brilliant. Yet, falling in love with and being loved by an empath is just perfect. It’s the kind of experience that you get to feel only once in a lifetime.

Empaths love in unique ways. Their love is pure, intense, and selfless. It’s something you’ve never felt before. They connect with the person they love on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

If you’re privileged to be loved by an empath, you know the way they make you feel is indescribable because empaths don’t love like the rest. Their selflessness and ability to sense and absorb other people’s emotions make them a perfect person to be in a relationship with.

Here are the 8 unique ways empaths love differently:

1. Their love is intense.

Their love is pure, honest, and deep. They love in ways they know their partner wants and needs to be loved. Thanks to their unconditional love, an empath will make you feel better about and satisfied with yourself.

Moreover, due to the fact that they can sense how you feel, they’ll know how to respond to your emotions appropriately and show an understanding of them.

2. They’re loyal.

You can always feel safe with an empath. They will never lie to, let alone cheat on you, or betray your trust in them in any other way.

The reason for this is that empaths are aware of the negativity that is surrounding them. They’re incessantly affected by injustice and the negative energy other people produce. Moreover, they know what it’s like to have a broken heart. That’s why they’ll try hard to protect you from all the inequalities and pain in the world.

3. They’re selfless and they give everything they have to the person they love.

If you’re the person who has the key to an empath’s heart, know that they’ll love you selflessly. They’ll fully devote their time and energy to you. Loving and taking care of the person they love comes naturally to them, so they’ll make you their top priority. Even when they have busy days or feel sad, they’ll never neglect your feelings and needs. They’ll accept your problems as their own and will give their best to help you overcome them.

They’ll make sure they treat you the best they can and make you feel emotionally satisfied because when you’re happy, they’re happy too

 4. They’re always honest.

Empaths can’t stand lies, including the white ones. An empath will make sure they always tell you the truth, no matter how painful or cruel it may be because they hate lying and being lied to. If your partner is an empath, you’ll never have to worry that they’re going to lie to, manipulate you and play little mind games with you.

To the contrary, they’ll make sure you know where you stand with them. Additionally, they’ll never bring themselves into a situation where they’d have to lie to you.

5. They’ll never let their pain negatively affect you.

When an empath is hurt, they’ll find a way to deal with it on their own. No matter how much they’re hurting, they’ll never shift their pain onto you or anyone else. They’ll never allow themselves to let their own burden make you feel sad and hurt your feelings.

Yet, they might distance themselves for a while to deal with it and heal. They’ll need time and space but they’ll also need your understanding and support. So, make sure you’re there for them when they’re going through tough times.

6. They’re highly intuitive.

Empaths can feel emotions that other people can’t, including you. The fact that they’re able to sense other people’s energy and feelings means that they’ll know how you feel and what you need in any situation.

So, if you’re already in a relationship with an empath, don’t try to hide how you feel, even if you’re hurt and feel sad, because they’ll always know your true feelings. In fact, they’ll know how you feel even before you’re aware of your own emotions. One more thing, an empath will never leave you to cope with your problems or pain alone. 

7. They need space.

Their ability to sense and absorb other people’s feelings often makes them feel overwhelmed and emotionally and physically drained. That’s why they sometimes want to have a me-time to think things through, reconsider their decisions, think things through, explore other opportunities, control what they take in, or just do nothing and relax.

So, if they want to spend some time alone, it doesn’t mean they’re not sociable or that they’ve lost interest in you. It just means they need to rest from everything that’s overwhelming to them and recharge themselves. Moreover, the fact that they’re aware of the importance of space means they’ll never be clingy or wear you out in a relationship. Instead, you’ll always have enough space for yourself.

8. Once they let you in their heart, you’re in.

Falling in love isn’t easy at all for empaths. Their hearts have often been broken by those who didn’t deserve their love and kindness. So, to save themselves from getting hurt again, empaths lock up their hearts.  

Yet, don’t think that winning an empath’s heart is impossible. Don’t back out but be patient and find the courage and a way to unlock their hearts. They deserve to receive the same amount of love they give to others. Fighting for their love will pay off eventually as they’ll completely devote themselves to you, unconditionally love you and let you know where you stand in their life – and you’ll stand very high.

Image source: sandra.scherer