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8 Weird Signs That You Are A Highly Creative Person, According To Neuroscientists


When we say that someone is creative, the first thought that comes to our mind is that he/she is indulged in art, literature, or music.

However, being creative goes far beyond that generalization. Creative people are innovative – they offer new solutions to existing problems and think outside the box.

Here are 8 signs scientifically proven signs that prove you are a highly creative person.


A study led by professor John Kounios found that avoiding analytical thinking and ignoring deadlines are the two main factors when it comes to creativity and having an “Aha!” moment. According to him, the “Aha!” moments are important because they are more correct than analytical thinking.  

Kounios says that while analytical thinking can be rushed and thus prone to mistakes, the insight is automatic and unconscious, and it can’t be rushed. When the process is finished deep inside your brain, it leads to an “Aha!” moment.

Creative people have these “Aha!” moments often, and they know that in order to solve a problem they need to wait and leave their brain to do its work subconsciously.


Many would think that mind wandering is a waste of time. However, according to recent research, this is not the case. Professor Moshe Bar, a neuroscientist, conducted a study where he found that daydreaming is connected to success, and it is a sign of high creativity.

He says that unlike the focus of the brain while performing one task is localized on one point, daydreaming actually activates a whole new gigantic network of neurons thus activating many parts of the brain.

Or in other words, it contributes to one’s creativity and mood, and can even help with staying on the task while the mind is wandering.


If you consider yourself to be slightly neurotic, don’t worry. A study found that high creativity is directly connected with neuroticism.

Dr. Adam Perkins, one of the main authors of the study, says that this is because the parts of the brain for creativity, worry, and over-thinking are the same.

He says that he hopes that his new theory would help people to make sense of their own ‘neurotic’ experiences, like overthinking and worry, and show that although those feelings are extremely unpleasant – they have creative benefits to the person.


Being easily distracted goes hand in hand with high creativity, one study finds. A study led by Dr. Darya Zabelina found that creative people can’t cut off exterior noises such as people talking, car horns etc.

Creative people have shorter attention spans and more ‘leaky’ sensory filters. This enables them to receive and integrate ideas while focusing on something else. This may explain why geniuses like Anton Chekov and Marcel Proust were easily distracted. Proust had even lined the room where he worked with cork and used ear stoppers for concentration.

Dr. Darya said that she believes that these sensitivities can make life more rich and meaningful if funneled in the right direction.


One study led by Harvard researchers found that sarcasm can actually cause creative thinking, rather than being a byproduct of it.

One of the lead authors of the study, professor Francesca Gino, said that both those who use sarcasm and those who receive it need to make the sense between the literal and the actual meaning of the sarcastic comment. This activates the creative thinking of the individual.

Plus, it is discovered that sarcasm cannot destroy close relationships. So, use it only with those who will understand you and those that you are close with.


Michael Muthukrishna, the lead author of a study about the collective brain, says that only with collective consciousness we can invent new technologies and become more creative than if we act as individuals.

According to the researchers, innovations and new ideas emerge by mixing of ideas and situations between people.

So, if you want to increase your creativity best is to talk with people whose opinions differ from yours. That way you will gain more perspective and different insights.


Researchers found that the more you think, the less creative you are. In a study led by Alan Reiss, participants have played ‘Pictionary’, a game where you need to draw the words that your partner has to guess.

At the meantime, researchers were scanning the brains of the participants to discover which areas of their brain were active during the game.

Professor Alan Reiss said that those who tried to be creative deliberately were in turn less creative than those who didn’t think too much about the words. He says that if you want to be more creative you might have to reduce the activity of your brain.


Research shows that those who stay up late at night are more creative than those who go early to bed.

Night owls scored 3 times higher on creativity tests than others. Researchers believe that this is because those who stay up late have a different schedule that is outside the norm.

Moreover, researchers say that involving in a situation that is completely different from the norm, can increase creativity levels in finding new and original ideas to deal with the particular situation.