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9 Clear Signs You Care Too Much About Other People’s Opinions Of You


Do you often find yourself hesitating before you post a photo of yourself on your profile on Facebook since you worry about what others will say if you do? Or do you avoid wearing your hair in a certain way since you fear that your family, friends, or partner might criticize you?

Well, if you answered both questions with a yes, know that you’re not alone. In fact, you’d be surprised to know what a great number of people don’t live their lives the way they want because they worry too much about what others will think or say about that.

But, living your life worrying about other people’s opinions of you isn’t truly living, is it?

Remember: What others think of you doesn’t define who you are and it certainly doesn’t determine your worth. Therefore, if you happen to be someone who cares too much about other people’s opinions of you, give up that habit as soon as you can and start living your life fully and truly.

Here are 9 clear signs you care too much about other people’s opinions of you:

1. You put other people’s needs before your own.

And not only their needs, but their feelings, wishes, priorities, and problems as well. You put their happiness before your own.

What you need to understand is that when you live your life this way, you’re actually putting your health and happiness last on your list of priorities. And if you don’t take care of yourself and prioritize your own needs and problems over those of other people, you won’t be able to take care of and help those around you too.

2. You change your personality.

If you tend to change the way you look, your personality, and even your religious or political beliefs every time you’re in a crowd, know that by changing yourself into something only to fit into a social environment and make yourself more likable, you’re actually losing your true self in the process.

3. You’re always trying to please everyone around you.

Individuals who care too much about other people’s opinions of them generally spend a great amount of their time trying to please everyone around them.

But, the problem with this is that when you’re doing everything in your power to win everybody over, you’re actually choosing to prioritize other people’s opinions over your own. In this way, you’re allowing the opinions of others to compromise your truths.

4. You try to read other people’s minds.

One reason why people care too much about what others think of them is that they want to feel approved. They want others to like them and think highly of them. They feel such a strong need to know what other people think of them that they even try to read their minds when they’re around them.

5. You have no problem regularly telling white lies at all.

When you don’t feel that your ideas and opinions are accepted and approved of, you tend to tell others white lies. You do this because you think it’ll help you fit in with the crowd and be accepted. But, what you should know is that when you’re compromising your beliefs and values, you’re compromising your true self as well.

6. You have a hard time saying no.

It’s difficult for you to say no when others expect and want you to do things that you don’t want. But, what you should remember is that by always trying to meet everyone’s expectations and behaving in ways that are not in accordance with your own moral values and principles, you’re actually not living your truth.

7. You spend a long amount of time thinking about what you say.

There’s nothing wrong with being careful about the way you talk to others, but you’re doing this on a level which is not healthy at all. You stress yourself out thinking about what words to use when talking to others. You also spend a lot of time overanalyzing your conversations and worrying about whether you said the right thing.

8. You have trouble asking for other people’s help.

You tend to think that if you ask for someone’s help, they’ll immediately think that you’re a weak person. But, what you should remember is that asking for someone’s help is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it shows that you’re well aware of your weak sides and limitations and that you’re comfortable with who you are.

9. You feel like it’s your fault when things go wrong.

Even when you didn’t say or do anything bad, you feel like you’re the one to blame when things go wrong. You feel guilty and take responsibility for things that are not your fault. But, know that this kind of behavior can easily make others think that you enjoy being someone’s scapegoat – and this is something that you certainly wouldn’t want to happen.